Soundcore liberty air 2 stuttering during calls!

Hey everyone,
I have samsung galaxy s21+ with the most updated firmware and software (also for the earbuds).
I’m suffering from stuttering during calls; some little 'bumps in the ear.
Anyone have solution?


Have you tried to remove all items from the bt list from your phone and install a “new connection”.
Otherwise you can also contact the soundcore support.

Thank you for the response.
Yes, I’ve tried it. Didn’t work.
You think it maybe problem on the samsung phone?

Ask the support!
No idea, the whole computer technique got meanwhile so “black holed” ->
nobody knows nothing.! :grin:

This does happen, about half the cases a warranty replacement solves it half the time this works.

  • delete the pairing on phone
  • turn phone Bluetooth off
  • delete the cache. Either: reboot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. OR: settings, app, show system processes, Bluetooth, force stop, wipe cache, reboot.
  • plug the case into power, push buds in firmly as sometimes they aren’t and so reset doesn’t work, close case firmly, open case, press the button underside for 10s until buds flash red.
  • turn phone Bluetooth on.
  • take right bud out, pair on phone
  • immediately accept the L pairing. This sometimes is the culprit if not done before.
  • see if issue fixed

If that doesn’t fix it, think if you’ve paired with anything else ever which is in range, if you had then delete their pairing and turn their Bluetooth off also at the start and then only pair with the phone not anything else.

If after all that still an issue then probably is a hardware fault so gather serial number and proof of purchase and discription of fault and all you’ve done to fix to and typically response within 24 hours (excluding weekends holidays)

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