Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Left side volume extremely low

Hello, so I didn’t want to try out the suck method because I think it’s kinda gross lol, so I tried a more extreme version of a clearing water from speakers video and used this for about a minute 31 seconds and my left earbud is almost back to full, if not full volume

obviously don’t play this while it’s in your ear, just hold the ear bud so the speaker is facing the ground and let it run for a bit, i’m sure the longer the better but I only did it for a minute bc im impatient

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ive found the fix!!
first, go to settings then accessibility, then go to “hearing” or audio/visiuals
after, turn on mono to have both the headphones with the same audio, and also balance the audio while your there.

if it didnt work its probably earwax, clean it well and have a fun time with your headphones.

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lmao. I had the same ideia. just sucked too light. after your comment I did again and it worked. thank you. shame on Anker not having this response in their script.

The “Suck Solution” works! Incredible but really work to me…

Just paired a brand new set of Sleep A20s from the box. Immediately noticed the left bud had almost no volume unless you turned them up all the way. Found this thread before I boxed them up to return. My pair was brand new before I put the buds in, so this wasn’t a wax problem.

I used the “suck” method and then updated my firmware to 01.39. I’m not sure which did it, but they work perfectly well now. Thank you!!!

Suck method did not work!!! As well as cleaning with alcohol and hydrogen peroxyde!!! Got mine just 2 weeks ago