Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Left side volume extremely low

Hello - my buds are only 3 months old. Both sides are connecting, but the volume on the left earbud is EXTREMELY low. I’ve read everything I could find, watched videos, re-set them multiple times. No matter what I do, the right bud sounds fine but there is hardly any sound coming from the left side. Anyone else have this issue and were you able to solve it? I’m starting think mine are just faulty…



Clean them, you may not see that they are dirty or blocked but thats what typically happens when volume is limited in one ear. Take a qtip, some hydrogen peroxide and clean the earbuds, and i say use peroxide because you can see it bubbles and breaks down earwax.


Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion as well as with rubbing alcohol and neither worked unfortunately.

Did you find a fix? I have the same problem.

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Sometimes your sound preferences can change the volume of one of them. If you have a laptop or a MacBook you can open sound preferences and the sound might be unbalanced. All you have to do is click balance and it should work. My headphones had the same problem, the left side wasn’t getting enough volume. If this doesn’t work it has an 18 month warranty so you should be able to get support there. Hope this helped. :+1:

Where i can find this “blance” command on windows? Like on what settings? Also did it fix the issue with u? Thanks

i have the same problem …did u find any fix ???

First thing to do is prove its hardware not software issue via forgetting on phone and turn it’s Bluetooth off, then pair with a different phone. If that fixes is then you somehow got the balance wrong on the phone.

If doesn’t fix, and you’ve had them for a few weeks / months then it is highly probably earwax. Clean repeatedly with hydrogen peroxide soak qtip in it and work it around the grill , let it soak in a little then wipe with a clean qtip. Repeat until no more earwax comes off, then should work. If not then keep cleaning.

My right ear is a prodigious wax factory so I only use left bud when need to be portable but mostly use headphones. Headphones are technically superior for almost everything anyway.

Try a reset

I have the same problem but found out that the left earbud is using less power than the right. To fix this i went to settings, accessibility, audio/visuals and changed the balance to my preference.

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I have had this same issue with two products from Anker. First it was earbuds by them. I noticed one day at work it seemed like there was no sound, I checked and there was sound, just VERY low. I also keep my earbuds cleaned regularly and there was no buildup on either earbud. Now, I have earbuds that wear around your neck, and I am having the same issue. It was the right one at first, now both earbuds volume are VERY low. I really like Anker products, but seeing as how this is my 2nd pair that is now doing this, I don’t think I will be buying anymore products from them. Also, the first pair had warranty on them, and when I called to utilize my warranty, they said I would have to have a receipt from where I purchased them, which was walmart, and without that receipt they wouldn’t/couldn’t help me. So yeah, no more Anker.

Same problem here! Right side is very low comparing withe the left, try everything, I think its a problem of the product itself

Clean them with hydrogen peroxide

+1 to this issue. Have cleaned religiously with peroxide. Out of the blue, the right bud became barely audible. Not wax buildup because it worked fine the previous use. Left is still normal volume. Tried Pc, multiple phones, resetting the earbuds. Nothing changed. Also had a Flare party speaker just die out of the blue as well. Bluetooth connection on my Wakey is very temperamental too. I think I’m done with SoundCore products.

i dropped my left ear bud less than two feet and this happened. sounds very quiet, like the speaker isn’t receiving enough voltage. guessing something disconnected (somehow). kinda sucks, really feel like 18 inch drops should be passable


Did you resolve your issue with the right earbud? I’m having the same issue and cannot find help to resolve this anywhere?



Did you contact the support?
Was there an answer, any help?

But what worked for me and resolved the issue more or less straightaway was using Blu Tack. I simply removed the silicone eartips and pushed the grill part of the earbud into a loosened up ball of Blu Tack several times and with each press into the ball, the Blu Tack pulls out wax and other residual build up much deeper inside the grill section. After several indentations of this the grills were very clean and the sound returned. Simple, easy, clean, no fuss.

Dont forget that this “Blu Tack” is not available all over the world.
Tell us what are the ingredients of this “miracle cure” :laughing:

Thank you so much, I have no idea why that worked but it did! (Soundcore Life A1) I needed to disconnect them from my PC after doing that and perform the reset procedure on both but after that it worked fine.