Soundcore Liberty Air 2 - Left side volume extremely low

Hi friends! Same problem with my Soundcore Life P3!!! I tried all your recomandation, but nothing fix the problem…
Then I got the idea to try sucking hard through the metal grid… and surprise! miraculously the left earbud works perfectly! Try it too!!!:+1::+1:


I cannot believe I am saying this but… I sucked super hard on the left earbud that was emitting at a barely detectable level… and it worked! Sounds ridiculous, looked like a dunce, but I have two working headphones again. Don’t knock it until you try it!


Often ear buds are blocked and plugged by ear wax.

I have the same problem in the left earbud. It just suddenly dropped in volume today and I thought maybe it died or something. I had to take the right one out and crank the volume to tell ot was even working. I’ve tried everything in this thread and nothing has worked. HELP!!!

I had such probs in the past.
the magnet sticks, not moving, so there is no more sound.
Blowing into could help.

May be trying to get the magnet moving by using another magnet.

sucked the earburds and it works, no cap


While that can work, you’ve just inserted salt and a few other things bringing forward other issues.

Isopropyl Alcohol, dabbing gently , patience - best way to keep your expensive tech lasting longest.

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It’s hard to believe but it really works!!!
I can only say thank you for the strange idea .:joy:

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I cannot believe it: this worked when cleaning etc did not. THANK YOU!

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I had the same issue… tried sucking hard on the metal grid and it works. Both left and right works perfectly now. Thank you very much!


Instead of sucking I’ve tried to “pierce” it using pin and magic happened! Earbuds are working! But now I have that earwax (or what) inside of that earbuds, so before more earwax will build inside, I need to figure out how to remove it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

I would say, there is no chance to get that earwax out of the buds.

Hydrogen peroxide will dissolve earwax, prepare your area with plenty of qtips and a soft tissue. Apply some, let it soak in using gravity using the tissue to place the bud grill side up.

Then after a few minutes invert it so gravity begins to drain the dissolved wax out, wipe with a clean qtip.

Then repeat, apply some hydrogen peroxide, let gravity work, drain, clean.

Keep repeating til what you’re wiping away looks clear.

Not everyone suits earbuds. An inner ear infection can be bad, we’ve evolved to keep pushing the outside world out via shedding skin with mucous and we do it at different rates per person and at different rates each ear. If you happen to have an ear shedding lots of wax you shouldn’t be using earbuds at all as all you’re doing is shoving back in that which should be allowed to naturally fall out

If you insist to think you know better than 3.5 billion years of evolution and insist to shove something in your ear then at least clean the bud frequently so that wax on the outside doesn’t migrate under pressure when it’s warmed in the ear to the inside of the bud.

The blocking is nature telling you something…

Put the earbud to your lips, like a straw. Suck in until you hear actual air coming in. I know this sounds like a joke, but it did help me.


Of course not a joke.
Sometimes the driver stucks for some reasons.

I had this same problem with Anker p3i. Extremely low in one ear, tried everything except blu tack! Worked a treat and buds back to normal. Didn’t even pull much wax out but I now have the solution :partying_face:

Blu tack/white tack is the answer! Thank you to the poster earlier :pray:

Thank you! It worked :partying_face::pray:

just tried the sucking method as both buds were veryyyyy quiet… worked instantly.

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Ear wax, dust and /or sticking of the membrane.
Old tricks, we old fellows know,
Great you got them working pefectly again.

here to confirm suck method still a winner

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