Soundcore flare paired together

Today I will be blogging about the soundcore flare. Specifically about it being paired together with a second flare.

So first I’ll talk about pairing them together. I paired the first one just as usual, than I opened the app and chose the option to add a speaker. I turned on my second speaker. Nothing. It told me no speaker could be found. I immediately realized my second flare wasn’t in pairing mode. I turned on pairing mode and tried again. It took about 20 seconds for them to pair but it was fairly easy.

So, there are two modes to put the paired speakers in, “stereo” or “boost”. I put them in stereo mode first and tried them out.

I turned on one song, but I don’t think it was recorded with stereo so it didn’t do much. I turned on another song that I know was recorded with stereo to listen. Still didn’t sound so great. It sounded like music was coming from each speaker separately. Normally when you listen to stereo the music feels like it’s going through your head, this didn’t sound like that. I would almost go as far as to say the stereo mode is (gulp) bad…

I was almost (almost, but not quite) horrified. I had two speakers that I intended to pair together, that sounded bad paired together!

I decided to try the boost mode. I turned on the imperial march from start wars (darth Vader’s theme). Woah! It sounded amazing! I put the speakers equal distances from me, one on my right, the other on my left. The music sounded like it was all around me! It was an amazing sound!

The boost mode honestly sounds more like “stereo” than the stereo mode. Neither are true stereo because the music doesn’t sound like it moves through your head (like wearing headphones) like stereo should. But the boost mode is amazing none the less.

Conclusion: I would recommend you buy a second flare if you don’t already own one. Just don’t expect true stereo sound, especially from the stereo mode. Boost is definitely the way to go for the flares. Stereo mode is just a flop.

Thanks for reading this! Let me know what you think, and how I can improve my reviews!

Edit: I should probably add this isn’t actually my speaker (the second one). I bought it to use and try out but I actually got it for a friend. So for the long run I only have one :wink:


Pics or it didn’t happen :eye: _ :eye:


I guess it didn’t happen… :joy:


So just another attempt to farm points :rage:


Your comments must be point farming too…

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I am already doing the same option, clustering speakers but with Google Home Mini (2) and Zolo Mojos (2), created Speaker Group on Google Home and this works like a charm, sound is across the entire home…


Pictures or Video? :grin:

The Flares do sound good paired. I want to hear a paired set of Model Zeros doing the Imperial March.

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I see some friendship brewing :yum:


Huh. There are some tracks where stereo matters more. Try “what is and what should never be” by led zeppelin. Classic stereophonic guitar riff in that one, but you gotta listen to the whole thing.

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I listened to several songs that I’m very familiar with the stereo. I may still give this a try though.

Doesn’t @Chiquinho (franz) have two model zeros?

By the way, why did you change your name, didn’t you say you weren’t going to :joy:

Dude you started a trend. Now we dont know who anyone is anymore :smile:

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I did a bad thing… :joy:

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I kept my Icon.
And Chiquinho is the diminutive of Chico and this is Franz. Easy.

Do you mean BassUp mode? Used on it’s own (with or without BassUp) the Flare delivers essentially a fake stereo output, left and right mixed down to a single channel (mono)…in true wireless stereo mode you get proper separation of the left and right channels, like you would with a stereo headset…

Video segment below shows this in my testing review…


I was talking about having to flares linked together…

When two Flares are linked together each one acts as a separate channel…giving you separate streams of left/right audio from your stereo track…


Yeah I know, you can turn it on stereo mode, or boost mode. Did you read my review thing?