Soundcore flare paired together

I also can confirm that these offer true stereo sound as I too tested it when I got them for review. Best way to check this is pair it to a computer or a source where you can independently control the left and right channel

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I completely disagree. List to a stereo song on the flares, then immediately put on a pair oh headphones and listen to the same song.

@Anjou1888 yes we have read your review, but You stated “Neither are true stereo because the music doesn’t sound like it moves through your head (like wearing headphones) like stereo should”

which is simply not true which is what Neil has been trying to tell you.


Yep, hence my quote in the response with the video…you said neither are true stereo…one on it’s own is fake stereo (so yes not true stereo)…in wireless stereo mode, each speaker takes a separate channel (left or right) of the stereo track to give a proper stereo representation…


I have…try using the following website to test both your Flare’s and then your headset and you will get what we are referring to…


I think I understand what your saying. I guess that means they do technically have true stereo, however, it still doesn’t sound that great.

Since there is no pictures or video from any of you I don’t trust any of your reviews. :joy:

You caught me… in lying about all of it :joy:

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You want a video? Here’s mine

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Yep, I’ve seen that video before.

That was in response to @tugar32 who said no video no proof

Oh lol, my phone isn’t showing that it’s a response :joy:

I don’t know, its says HD and it looks bad :joy: JK happy you provide your proof. Good job. :thumbsup:

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Just listen to Queen Bohemin Rhapsody. You will understand what is stereo.
In Boost Mode no switch from left to right channel. In Stereo Mode you will hear the band in left channel, then in the right (Typically moment when the group say : Galileo)
How can you say that boost mode is more like stereo? This is nonsense…