SoundCore Flare 360 Speaker Review - Wireless Stereo & IPX7 Water Testing (2018)

Disclaimer: This review was written as part of the We Love Testing program here. I received one Soundcore Flare to review and purchased a second unit to test the stereo pairing, with possibility of full-time replacement of my SoundCore Boost. Link to this community review, containing a YouTube video review also, has also been shared to Twitter and will be added to my verified purchase speaker on Amazon UK (if allowed)

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Key Features

  • 360° Sound from x2 6w Dual back-to-back drivers in combination with passive bass radiators
  • Bluetooth 4.2 giving up to 20m / 66ft range (depending on line of sight)
  • Internal 4400 mAh Battery for up to 12hrs playback - LED light function does impare times
  • 3.5hr charge time via the 5V/2A micro USB input (yes…micro USB)
  • Built in microphone for hand free calls
  • Auxiliary input
  • Built-in controls for Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Vol Up/Down, Bluetooth control & LED lights
  • True Wireless Stereo capabilities with pairing to another SoundCore Flare - speaker with audio connection act’s as left channel master, secondary speaker assumes right channel content
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating - for up to 30 minutes at 1m depth

The Good (very good)

  • Sleek new design that would fit with any environment
  • Impressive audio with decent bass, regardless of seated location in the room
  • Ability to pair with another Flare speaker for true left/right stereo playback with louder audio and no sync or lag issues between the two
  • Waterproof (submerge) - good for pool parties

Sometimes not so good

  • micro USB for some
  • SoundCore App on iOS can throw the odd ‘I’m not playing today’ mood swing - stability improvements likely going forward
  • flap for aux / charge ports has it’s trying moments

Review is broke up into the following sections so feel free to jump to specific ones;

Audio Sample - Flare vs Mini 2 vs SoundCore Boost
SoundCore App
Wireless Stereo
IPX7 Timelapse Test
Overall Opinion


Nice review, and darn glad you mentioned the charging flap as its annoying to me. I never mentioned it in my review because I always had my wife charge it for me, but realized it’s a pain when I charged it at work

Excellent write-up and video @ndalby! Still working hard to complete mine!

Good job! :thumbsup:

Great video and review, @ndalby! :thumbsup:

The flap!
Yes indeed when totally closed it is not easy to open.
I know that my old “beer fingers” are not skilled to open such difficulties.
So I do not close the flap properly. :wink:

Neither a party nor a beach here,
so there is no need of 100% waterproofness. :grin:

Very nice looking set. Too bad it’s old school microUSB. But darn it, still want one.


Cheers @elmo41683 @joshuad11 @TechnicallyWell @SZak2015


:joy: I guess the design of charging flap is to stop water into the device?

Well done, ndalby!

I just got mine today, so I’ll be testing it for the rest of the week. Getting another Flare to test stereo sound is tempting!

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Testing in stereo is a must, it really makes the speaker shine and shows just how well it sounds

No where near doing mine yet. Sorry guys. Been mental busy and haven’t really had time. Will do my best to get something done over the weekend :unamused:

Great review @ndalby
I found it tough to get the flap open too but it’s surely gonna help keep the water out

Great review and I love the pics. They are clear and detailed.

The flap is just a way of life to protect your ports and internals. But on the Motion Q and Mini 2 I haven’t had any issues with the ports and I don’t find them annoying. I Normally leave mine open if they are stationary. But once they are on the move I close them off.

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Cheers @iroast @Oggyboy @Element321

If you have the means to test the speaker with another for stereo, like @elmo41683 has mentioned, it really does make it standout. I thought the one I purchased first was good but it was crazy when I got the second (sample)…

Looking forward to the remaining reviews coming in…I think if they do another one of these it would be good to have it like the Mini 2 where I think we got :thinking:… 3 weeks?


Inform @AnkerOfficial of your situation, and you’ll be okay. :ok_hand:

May be I’ll buy a second one, if this is really sensational. :grin:

Hope that will work under LINUX as well.
LINUX and bluetooth is a mess, but I’m always successful somehow. :sweat: