Soundcore Boost startup/connection sound

Got the Soundcore Boost, absolutely love it, the sound is great. However, my only issue with it is the startup/power down and connect/disconnect noise the speaker makes. My fiance and I use it to go to sleep with background music and so when we wake up in the morning and one is leaves while the other is sleeping, we can’t leave without the speaker making a noise. I know I can use an AUX cable but really don’t want to, is there any way to disable these extra sounds?


Hi @Fabio_Castagno , as far as I am aware the power on / off sounds cannot be disabled on any of the SoundCore speaker range (certainly the case for previous SoundCore generations).

I have soundcore 2. Would it be possible to use less annoying sounds on startup, shutdown, connection? I’m getting tired of it. Extremely annoying. How about 3 different short tones/beeps. On, off, connected. I’m sure it can easily be updated in the next firmware.


Thank you for your suggestion! I will share with our product manager, Hope they will take into account it!:innocent:


Just got the SoundCore 2 and the sound effects may be a deal breaker for me. Same as original questions above, I need power up, power down, connections (BlueTooth/AUX) to be silent. I have quite a few Bluetooth speakers and they can all be set up for personal preference.



I find it annoying too.

Can you give us a quick update about this feature @AnkerOfficial ?

Thank you !


same here, would be great to be able to disable it)


I haven’t checked if there’s any new firmware update available for soundcore 2. Would really like to get rid of startup powerdown and connection sounds. I’m sure it can be accomplished with firmware. Or 3 different short tones/beeps, not too loud, would be ok too.


Dont think this will ever be programmed.
Stay with those ding dongs, there are so many other more difficult things around at the moment.
This is really negligible! :wink:

In most contexts the power up and power down sounds aren’t a huge deal, however, I use mine to play gentle background music at church and during quiet reflective moments, that very loud power up/down is extremely disruptive and jarring to all. I specifically got this because my other speaker screams “POWER ON/OFF”. I tried using it at a funeral and that was very jarring to say the least.

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So you really have to find a “silent” speaker.
All of the soundcore models I know have such on/off and connection “sounds”

I have a soundcore boost model… very good product but … this on off sound is REALLY annoying. I even upgraded firmware, but no… it is still here. Are you guys at anker really that childish that this sound is a must for you. The button has a light, so there’s no need for extra sound. I’m thinking to buy something newer but in this case i have to find some other company… sorry :wink:

This has been discussed very often.
Some owners care about others dont.

But you are absolutely right.
It could be easy “handled” by an option of the application.

I have 2 of the Soundcore speakers and appreciate the Bluetooth range and quality of them. I went looking for an accompanying EQ program and was disappointed to find none exists. I also have a UE Boom and the accompanying EQ app allows one to turn off the on/off and paired sounds. It would be great if Anker offered the same. I use these to play sleep sounds for my kids at bedtime and in order to not jar them awake, I need to physically remove the speaker and take it into another room before powering down, when I am ready to digitally untether my phone to the speaker. Seems like it should be relatively straightforward to give people the option…

How about singing a lullaby?:grin:
(kidding as usual)

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With the device connected in the soundcore app, go to setting and turn off voice prompt. (Worked for me with Rave+)


Soundcore 2’s startup/turn off sounds are annoying too. I just bought mine a few days ago. I know it powers up while pressing the power button and the led’s blinking. Why does it have to make some noises?

Would be much appreciated if it’s COMPLETELY disabled in the upcoming firmware!

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May be the on/off signal is unnecessary.
But the beep (bt connection) is important for me.

I have the soundcore sport. The beeps when turning on or when bluetooth connects is much too loud.

I use the device under my pillow to listen to tv without disturbing my spouse. But I have to go into a different room to turn it on!

Please give us a method to turn these beeps down or off completely.

Thank you

I would use earbuds.

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