Soundcore Boost startup/connection sound

Earbuds don’t work when you are a side sleeper. Too uncomfortable.

I thought you are watching TV and not sleeping.:grin:

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I too don’t like Model Zero’s startup/shutdown sounds. There should be always an option to disable them through sound core app

The dot series is pretty flush with the ears. I have comparable ones and am a side sleeper.

tpc22 thank you, this worked for me and avoided unnecessary intrusive sounds at an Interment.

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Disabling voice prompt worked for me too on soundcore flare 2. Going for more speakers now!

Thank you for posting this! I just bought the Soundcore 3, and this same thing worked for me. It was annoying with the previous models as well, so I’m glad there is finally a solution.

Echoing thanks to tpc22. Was getting annoying waking everyone up when I want to use the speaker for a bit of quiet white noise with that obnoxious power on sound blasting.

This sort of stuff should be a clearly defined toggle for all speakers!