Soundbuds Curve will not Pair to phone

Soundbuds Curve will not pair with phone gives incorrect pin error and will not connect. I have completely reset Bluetooth and removed all devices. Hard reset phone and still no luck. What do I do to reset the Soundbuds?

Hi @jwarren32244 try holding the vol +/- buttons for 2 seconds when in a powered off state, this should do a hard reset on the pairing records.

If you are still having issues pairing to your phone (which model?) I would suggest you reach out to with your issue, serial no and troubleshooting steps taken for assistance under your warranty…

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I’m having the same issue with my brand new soundbuds (I lost my old pair). I’ve reset my phone, reset my blue tooth, clicked “forget device” for the old headset that I lost.

When you say to “hold the vol +/- buttons for two seconds when in standby state” how do I get to the standby state? The button is flashing as soon as I the soundbuds on.

I hope I can get these to work!

I’m on an iPhone8.

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Sorry, updated my post…should have said powered off state…

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thanks for the quick reply! It didn’t work. I’m so sad because I will have to order a new pair and I really wanted to use them tonight. :cry:

Sorry your still having issues…Can you try it for a it for a touch longer than 2 seconds…say 5-10 seconds and then power on & try a fresh BT pairing? If that fails to resolve you would need to contact support on the email address mentioned above…

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still no dice. It is really weird because the iPhone is seeing Soundbuds Curve but not actually connecting. I’ll email customer support later tonight. Thank you for all of your help! Have a great day!

may be a lemon.

Daft question… Is your phone in DISCOVER MODE?

It won’t connect if it’s not “seen” or in discover mode.

Good news everyone. I got it to connect. While the iphone was recognizing the soundbuds, it hadn’t been synching. Turns out I had to tap on the Soundbuds on my phone and it just paired fine. I never had to do that before. I feel stupid for taking everyone’s time. Thanks for all of the help!


Glad to hear your now sorted :ok_hand:

This is the first Bluetooth Device in my life that I have had to tap on the device in the Bluetooth Device List to get anything to happen. Good to know - I would have been here forever!!

Why do you have a second profile?

Hey guys, I’ve just switched from Android to iPhone and my SoundBuds Curve won’t connect, they work with my laptop and my old android phone but with the iPhone it just spins until I get a cannot pair message. Have reset the headphones several times, restarted the phone, and tapped a lot on the device list and it still won’t connect. Any idea?

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I’m also having the problem with my iPhone 11 pairing with SoundBuds Curve. I’m wondering if this is a new ios13 problem?

Hi @jweaks unfortunately this is an issue with compatibility between the iPhone 11 and the current line up of earbuds as posted here