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This thread has been unpinned, so there will be less traction going forward, hope Anker would announce who the chosen ambassadors were !!! :wink:


Plot twist, no one got chossen.

Ok back to reality, we know they wont announce the ambassadors due to privacy concerns given that most if not all who are chossen are not in this here forum


False. It was in the application that you must have an account the community. They still probably won’t announce them though.


Wasn’t that the point? Why would they choose ambassadors from outside of the community?


@TechMan @TheDude You can have an account but still not be part of the community. How do you think there are so many who only come about during contest and giveaways. They enter them, but you never see them post


Since they still have accounts they theoretically could announce them then…

@AnkerOfficial said they would let us know when the emails are sent out.


True. I think it would be pointless to make somebody a brand ambassador that does not participate in the community at least a little bit that is why I have a hunch the ambassadors will be at least semi active member. But hey what do I know? :grin:


“semi active member” = “lurker” :joy:


I was thinking somewhere in between a lurker and one of us :thinking::wink::upside_down_face:


We are active and well known lurkers! :grin:


Sometimes I take a break from posting and lerk. I’m a part-time lurker



I see @Chiquinho took one and @TheDude took one too. I’ll take one as well. Sometimes, I like to see the you guys battle it out here. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Welcome to the crew. Meetings are every other Wednesday.


It’s been a long time… any update @AnkerOfficial? Is Anyone actually going to be chosen?


I strongly believe some may have been selected already, within the community :slight_smile: but names for ambassadors may not be announced due to privacy concerns

@AnkerOfficial can have this as a may be read-only banner topic, since there will not be much happening here, it is more of a Influencer / ambassador link on spreading Anker’s name, similar to what is on Anker Websites, but on the community page.


That doesn’t make any sense…

  1. They could announce there community names…
  2. @AnkerOfficial said they would tell us when the ambassadors were selected…



Rob used the batteries he got recently in his “fountain of youth” :rofl:


As I keep being rejected by Anker, I doubt very much that I’d be accepted.

What they keep forgetting, is that they have such a low awareness in Europe and UK, that they need more influential members to spread the word … To spread the word, we need stuff to talk about.

By not promoting UK/Europe they are remaining an unknown brand.