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I’m still clinging to hope. Whether it’s users from here or not, I would still like to know who the content creators are. I think a bio page with some info and pictures would be awesome once they have it ready to go.


It’s actually important to know who they are because they will probably be a bit more compelled to not speak negatively about products.


@TechMan, Shes one of the anker official team members who usually post under ankerofficial, same for Claire if you see that name shes the other one


Of course no suprise, I haven’t been chosen.


So far no one here has come foward as been chosen so your not alone :pensive:


There may be some selected already, and only way to find is via reviews and social media posts on Anker / Sister brands :slight_smile: or may be Anker let us know who are the ambassadors. Either way it is win win, we get to know more inside product details about Anker through these ambassadors


So…whens your review coming out? :wink:


so kind of you to think that I am one of ambassador (or that is what i thought from your message), but I do have a review coming shortly, but am not selected for it, atleast so far :slight_smile:


Hey, good luck to everyone :four_leaf_clover:


I didn’t apply but good luck to all who did



Hope this doesn’t count as spam :joy_cat:


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical I guess this is also limited to select countries?


Don’t think so!


I’m confused… in what way is this not open to everyone?


My “Don’t think so!” was in response to @Ads_Eufy’s question.


Ahhh. That makes sense! :+1::ok_hand:.


Got excited because I saw new posts on this topic. :frowning:


I agree. Most posts are put out there as bait. But knowing the interactions and excuses I’ve received from Anker. I had a feeling Australia will be excluded because of the distributor and we are at the end of the world nearer China where all their products are made.

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It’s not much better for Europe .

They want USA custom, but aren’t bothered by the rest of the world. It’s like us is the only country worthy of ankers attention, the rest, well if we make sales ok, otherwise…!

There doesn’t seem to be a want for Anker to build a presence outside of usa. Not even for its neighbour Canada, and that’s just a lorry load away!