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Calling all creators!

Do you have your own blog or YouTube channel? Maybe you’re a crack shot with a camera and love to show off your photos on Instagram. Or maybe you’re just a social media junkie with a flock of followers hanging on your every tweet. Whatever your creative outlet might be, we want you to join the Anker Ambassador program!

What is an Anker Ambassador, you ask?

Anker Ambassadors create content related to our products and brands to help us get the word out about new developments and spread the Anker love! Anyone with a creative passion, hobby, or idea is eligible to apply.

If selected, you’ll be expected to create content about the sample products we provide to you (at least one post/piece per product). You’ll also agree to let us use your creative work on our social media, marketing initiatives, and more.

Anker Ambassadors get access to exclusive benefits like:

  • 1 free product sample every 2 months
  • Early access to newly released products—go hands-on before everybody else!
  • Other exclusive perks (to be announced)

We have a limited number of Ambassador positions available, so we’re asking all applicants to fill out this survey to get started. If accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know the next steps.

A few important notes: this application is open to everyone, even those who are new to the community or have yet to join (though we encourage you to get signed up). We’ll also be keeping the application process open for the foreseeable future, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, don’t hesitate to apply.

We’re looking forward to reviewing your applications. Good luck, and Power On!


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Thank you so much for this opportunity anker! Good luck to everyone! I would love to be selected!


I really need to make some videos to be consider. So far I guess I been really lazy.


@AnkerOfficial The link seems not to working correctly and gets stuck on the social media page.


Worked fine for me. Perhaps you should try copy/pasting the link. Someone else was having trouble earlier, and that worked for them.


Don’t have social media and don’t have a YouTube channel only spread things by word of mouth. Kind of sucks but can’t wait to see the content everyone else produces


Just click on the one it says you need to link and it will allow you to go forward.

@Ankerofficial thanks for the opportunity, seeing as how 90% of my videos revolve around Anker products It shows I wouldn’t hesitate to continue that trend. I also wouldn’t mind pushing harder to bring to light Anker and the brand even more


Been using a few of your products, happy with all of them. Would be happy to test some new products and write a review on multiple channels :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see who is selected to be an Ambassador for Anker. Good luck for those that apply. :slight_smile:


Nice opportunity @AnkerOfficial,

I went ahead put my application in. Good luck everyone who applies.

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Would totally hop on this except I never really post much in the way of videos/photos outside of other sites that are not listed. Even then I know my content is nowhere near some of the talented folks I have seen on here. Good luck to everyone who applies and can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

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Sounds interesting but the social media platforms for influencing seem to lack YouTube…

Not meaning to sound negative but it looks like better perks than the ‘Contributors’ :thinking:


Not necessarily. The contributors get two top releases of their choice. Those could average $500 a piece (potentially), which would be $1000 worth of stuff

If the ambassador for soundcore gets 6 speakers a year, at an average of $50, that’s only $300 worth of stuff. These people also deserve to be payed for there services as well.


I would love to be chosen as a contributor. I would write reviews on my private blog. I would write comparison reviews as well.

Feel free to join my blog club!. I’m sure you’d love it!

Good luck again to everyone!


Schaweeet! Thanks so much for the opportunity, @AnkerOfficial!

Thanks for the opportunity Anker… I have submitted my application… Good luck to all

I finally figured it out I just got hung up On the social media page. All the fields were filled out but the Web page would not let me Proceed unless I clicked on the Instagram button which Again already had my Instagram.

Just a little buggy🙂

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Why is twitter mandatory ?
I don’t have a twitter account and therefore cannot participate…