Seeking Beta Testers for Portable Power Station

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this, so we’re excited :tada:

If you’re someone who’s interested in the opportunity to get an early look at a new Anker product and work directly with the Anker team, this may be for you!

Without saying too much, we have a new, upcoming portable power station model that we’re looking to have beta-tested by members of the Anker community. A.K.A. Hopefully you (:

If you’re chosen to be one of our beta testers, you’ll receive a free product sample and your feedback will contribute to improving products in the future :eyes:

Sound like something you want in on? Apply now through the link below!


Thanks for your time Anker community! Let us know if you apply in the comments below :smiley:


@AnkerOfficial applied. Work be great for beach use and emergency preparedness in Florida with hurricane season

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@AnkerOfficial applied

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@AnkerOfficial: wow! This is awesome. Applied :joy:

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Completed :blush:

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Done:) would love to do a german review

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I was ask to get in contact with an ANKER team regarding thsi
“solar power survey”.
I did, but never got any answer.
May be they don’t need a retired engineer for testing! :sweat_smile:



I am the most senior active community member. Not sure why you’d not want someone who’s been using Anker for 10 years to test your Power station out.



Completed and hopefully I can assist in the testing.

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I’d like to apply :raising_hand_man:t2:

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Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:

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Good luck to everyone that enters :+1:

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I do wish you luck as well as others who are on here a lot doing it too.

I will say that it looks to be only be 250 has applied right now but it will be interesting to see the total applicants for this.

Although I do not get on social media often nowadays, I could have sworn, I saw it on one of the media sites and was afraid it would be in the 1000s by now. Lol. Maybe I just dreamed that. Lol


Don’t think that counts for much anymore, either senior or active :raised_hands:


Best testers are those who do a “perfect unpack show” first
and then a “brutal tear down”. :rofl:


Completed! I love Anker’s PowerHouse line, they’re the only portable power stations I buy and I love them all!

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Applied! Looking forward to see what updates they offer on this power station!

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interesting battle, between those who want to improve their CV by focusing on marketable skills like social media woefully attempting to reach real people, Vs most of social media is not real people who seek free stuff to sell.

Read someone’s LinkedIn where they “grew social media”.

A few genuine in the middle.


I have rechecked every place that I thought I saw it on and I am not seeing it now. Either they took it down or I just dreamed it lol.

If I dreamed it, I need not to do that again…lol