Robovac Vibrating Noise

We got a Robovac 15C on 12/10/18 and it has recently started getting extremely noisy. We’ve cleaned everything but a vibrating type rattle persists but only when it is running on hardwood and tile floors. On carpet the noise is gone. Any help on figuring out the problem?

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Did you really clean ALL the brushes properly?
May be my question seems to be stupid.
But this way a many of issues has been solved.

If you did a video would be helpful.
This noise you mentioned: dirt in the gear wheels of the 2 wheels, could be.

I just forgot : Take off the 2 side brushes and take a look, it these are fixed properly.

Maybe you shake the Robo gently, to hear if there is a loose part which makes the noise …

Please reach out to

My robovac 30 from December 2018 started doing the same thing. Sounds normal on carpet but has a loud rattle while on hardwood floors. Please let me know if you figure out a solution.

Hi Tony,

Please check all the brushes:
Those two in font and the master brush in the middle.
Remove all the brushes carefully.
Please clean the shafts from debris and install the brushes.

Good luck.
If this action will not help:
Ask again or contact the EUFY - support adding a video (sound)

Hello. Mine was doing the exact same thing. Noise on hard floors only. It is the main roller brush rattling against the brush guard. A new brush and guard fixed it. I put tape on the guard until parts came in and that worked for temporary repair. See attached pic. Hope this helps. The parts are cheap enough on Amazon.


Those hints are very helpful for us all!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is there any lubricating foreseen ? Like silicon or vaseline ?

No, wouldn’t do that! :fearful:

I would grind it, that’s all.

Lubrication would cause a “real mud” there with all the debris at the brush…

Yeah definitely wouldn’t do any lubricating. $20 in parts will fix it.

Ok. That means: the brush rotates in the guard without lubrication. But with dirt, which sands the brush guard …Sounds strange to me :astonished:

The end of the brush is supposed to spin freely. Mine had resistance which may have been the cause. The brush probably would have fixed it without replacing the guard.

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So that means: the ends of the brush are in a kind of bearings ? That would make sense.

We had the same problem with our Eufy today. We googled a solution and found some ppl put a small piece of duct tape on the part of the roller brush that fits into the square opening. I used electrical tape and it worked like a charm! It’s fixed for now but will still contact Anker support for a permanent solution.

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my eufy keeps making a grinding noise when it hits or bumps against the wall . i can’t stand it. someone help me with it .

Have you checked if the middle brush is turning perfectly,
May be the free end of the brush is scratching.
This issue was published when such kind of noise has been shown up.


Can anyone show pictures of how they used tape to stop the noise or any other solutions would be appreciated, the clicking noise is doing my head in

Same problem. Put one tiny strip of clear packing tape 3/4 the way around the little square part to make it tighter, and then one piece on the end (not around) on the big side. No more rattle! Yeah!


SOLVED: For rattling on hard surface floors, AND you’ve cleaned everything and put it back together right, it means your brush and/or brush guard is worn out. The tape trick mentioned above usually works temporarily, if not it means the brush guard is worn. In my experience a new brush and/or brush guard will solve the noise.

I have a couple of these vacs (model 25C, a walmart only model that is nearly identical to the 15C) and they run daily.

I clean them weekly and replace the brush when the vibration starts and the brush guard when the rubber strip falls off or it starts the vibrating noise and replacing or taping the brush doesn’t work. I get about 3 months of use from a brush and 6 from the brush guard. I replace the side brushes as-needed (about every other month) and the filters monthly. Have had them both about a year and no problems so long as you clean and replace parts as-needed. I use generic parts from Amazon, they seem be as good as OEM.