Robovac Vibrating Noise

I sure hope I dont have to replace these parts THAT often … In comparison, it took 2 years for my old Roomba 680 brush to wear out. The brush guard was never replaced after 4 years of service. Even more so, the brush guard is not in stock anywhere, not even amazon (de). The filter would last at least a year before I deemed it disgusting (with a 2-week rinsing cycle). The Eufy has a “HEPA” filter which of course needs to be replaced every so often as you cannot wash it, I totally understand that. But every month seems rather excessive to me. I take it out every week and give it a good vacuum. It’s still discolored of course from trapping all the fine dust, but it still works.

My 11S (old Willy) is about 2 years old now.
Works daily.
I had to replace nothing.

I glued one rubber lamelle (slat) of the middle brush only.
That was all.
Of course I do care about and clean it always after work.

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Ah that’s good to know! All I can compare it to is my old Roomba, as I haven’t had any other robot vacuums :slight_smile: It just seems a tad excessive changing filters every month and the main brush every 3 months. But so far I am loving the 11s, ultra quiet and cleans like an absolute boss.

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You can brush this “filter” and blow out the dust from.
By brushing the filter gets perfect to hold back the dust.
(NEVER wash it!)

Works perfectly!
A little bit more care about and work, but a pensioner has really a lot of time! :smiley:

Does yours have a nickname?
We have here
Astroboy, duchess, Mary and old Willy!

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I give it a good vacuum/clean once a week, including the filter. I haven’t named it yet, it’s only been with us for 2 weeks now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for those that figured out the noise problem. In my case, quiet on carpet, but noisy on wood floors. After thorough cleaning didn’t help, I just swapped out the roller brush and that fixed the problem.
I actually had a spare roller brush from a filter replacement kit I ordered long ago, so I guess I’ll order another one.

There is a little wheel at the free end of the middle brush.
Put some tape around so its fixed in that open cage and try it again.
This helps often