Roav Bolt to release on Monday? ... My experience with Roav Bolt!



Just read the CNET update for ROAV Bolt release on Monday and to be available at BestBuy for purchase :slight_smile:

I thought this was only through the pre-order or may i have missed this in reading. Not sure if this information from CNET is via Google or Anker Roav,

UPDATE: says it is available at BestBuy stores starting today, will check it today at local store and post the update

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Not habi g car, not gonna read, but coming from apple biased CNET, this is praise indeed


Any news on availability outside the US?


There was a response from @joshuad11 about late April launch, but dates may have been changed


Had been to BestBuy local store, Roav was not available at the store, though the sales person mentioned this would go live on, and is available for in-store pickup. It is available for ordering as of writing this post


Yep, it’s available to order now through Best Buy (as you pointed out), and will soon be available at Walmart and Target (not Amazon for obvious reasons).

Not sure about availability outside the US…


thanks @joshuad11 , i misread your previous mention about April launch, took it might be for Outside US as well

@ianm we still do not know about the Outside US launch / availability. May be @AnkerOfficial can provide some insights :slight_smile:


Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

Or at the very least not blocking it from shipping internationally when it is listed on


It will not be sold through Amazon.


@joshuad11 What about those that placed the pre-order through Roav website? My status is still the same as it has been for months… “Status: Awaiting Delivery Confirmation”


I ordered for store pickup at BestBuy, just received confirmation for pickup :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes direct orders are better than pre-orders :wink: just kidding


Picked up the Bolt and tested it. Setup is bit tricky competed to Viva. tested it today, with iPhone. It’s still in beta for iOS, and got the expected response… There is a lot of delay between commands and output. It uses Google Assistant and not Google home, does not list on Google home as a device… This will definitely take sometime to stabilize… Will be contacting Roav support if there is any Beta App or firmware for Bolt ( there was an initial update after pairing)

Will submit detailed review in next few days


Thank you @cshenoy ! They should have just waited a bit to get them bugs out. Releasing a product in beta is not always a good thing…


Completely agree… hope they get all these bugs fixed,


Day 2 of using Bolt, upset to see Anker releasing half-baked product… Roav Viva worked better and had better integration at launch than the Bolt…

Have reached out to Roav support already to check on updates.


I still don’t know if I see the value in something like this vs just using my phone but I’m disappointed a product was released like that. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon!


Thank you for your honest review.
Please keep the community in the loop if there are any news.
Positive or negative ones.
This is the reason why those tests are so important.


Heard from Roav Support - new firmware is being released on Apr 22 / today.

"We sincerely sorry to let you know that we are still waiting for the newest firmware upgrade from Google to fix the pairing issue. The official version will be released on April 22nd, 2019.

Once you finished the upgrade, it should work perfectly with your iPhone.

Please keep us updated on how the upgrade works. Looking forward to your reply"


Day 5 - performed the update yesterday, there is a slight improvement (1 second) and most of the time it’s a miss when I say the command or ask questions… Frequency of successful response from Bolt is 1 out of 6 questions or commands. The lights just don’t come up saying it’s listening… Makes me look like a fool talking into Bolt…

I was pretty excited when Anker announced Google Assistant device for car… But now I am pretty upset with it. This is what happens when you give the complete hardware control to 3rd party - in this case it’s Google who manages the Bolt device.

Writing to Roav support, but I don’t have very high expectations since this is still in Beta (though Roav support mentioned it was official - when I paired it again, it showed as Beta again)


@AnkerTechnical any word when this when the Roav Bolt Firmware will go Official / out of Beta for iOS ?