Request!! Replaceable Plugs (For Travel)

I buy Anker because I travel a lot for business and want to reduce clutter and space. Anker, can you detachable plugs for your GanPrime chargers?? - the way Apple does it

The only reason I haven’t bought the 747 GanPrime charger is that it’s useless (on its own) when outside of the US. Though, my solution right now is just getting their giant 140W power bank haha. The thing is great, but I would still want the 747.

I hope you see this :metal: I’m a big fan

This is really an interesting question, @esuarez. Thanks for asking. I’m going to ask around the office and see what I can learn.

Dear Anker Official, thank you for getting back to me so soon. I know the 7series does not have this feature but my question is… will this be in the next generation?

LOL! I’m Juliette:) You’re welcome @esuarez. I don’t know if the next evolution will include it or not, and I doubt that they’ll tell me about future product innovations. HOWEVER, I am still looking into it. I wonder if they’ll share a reason why they haven’t done so yet.

You do make something like this already but need to do it for more products.

I also want a slide on C8 socket in addition to UK EU USA slide on then I can bring a cord for those awkward to reach spots.

I wrote it up years ago.

What I’ve been doing for international travel is bring your 4 port 65W

And bring a USA C8 cord and then attach the local country plug adapter so it works in EU and UK and covers all the bases but it is chunkier than if you simply did as asked of make your new products have slide on plugs.

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Nice one, @professor. Thank you. Our product array is so vast! I’ll pass your thought about creating more products with this feature on to the product team.

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