Anker - add a C7 socket slide-on to make a universal wall and desk charger

I’m writing this to refer back to here in 2022 when Anker finally does it.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

Two years ago we were asking for you to do a slide-on 3-in-1 adapter to you wall chargers so you had one product which worked in all your major shipping regions.


You did do it eventually, e.g.

So now I suggest you continue to adapt the slide-on concept to add a 4th type, a C7 socket.

So then you’d have a single product which can work as a wall charger, if the socket is nearby and easily accessible, otherwise use the C7 slide-on and plug in a C8 cord of the right country and length and you have a desk charger.
A single product which works as wall or desk charger in all popular sockets.

Then do it on all but the tiniest of chargers, so say everything 60W+, I know you can make a low cost 100W as you can, for example (public statements) get from Power Instruments for $4 each so I know you can do a 85W and 100W if you wanted to and is proving reliable in the lab and testing.

So then a 65W, 85W, 100W, so 3 discrete products, each can work as wall or desk charger in all major markets.

As these are unannounced future products, you can still modify your prototypes.

Fingers crossed you don’t ignore this and realise it in 2 years. But if you do, I have this here to refer you back to.

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Development, testing, manufacturing and release of a product could easily take 2 years. The fact that they got this product out 2 years after you suggested it, seems like a pretty good speed to me.

Now that they have the design of this product done, they could easily add the C7 socket and have it available In a few months to a year.

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Thanks, but I think I buried, and probably many others here were saying similar things, and being buried in middle of threads, so it was not easily spotted.

So that’s my mistake in the past. Not repeating this time!

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Agree @professor
There’s been many conversations which lots of us have been part of hasn’t there?

I think this could ultimately reduce the cost to the consumer.
Supplying 4 adaptors at a few pence/cents etc etc each.
As opposed to different manufactured product and the different shape of packing that no doubt comes with it must save Anker money in the long term!
One “box” for a global market.

Even if the savings are not passed on, pump it into development of new stuff!

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Indeed, we discuss and agree here but it’s usually buried mid thread and not Anker’s fault we all say similar things and yet it goes unnoticed. Great minds think alike but we are consumers who have a different perspective.

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