[Prime Day launch] PowerPort Atom III 60W is Now Available!

You say a 2 port but I really need a 3 port PD car charger since my wife and son as well as myself all utilize it with our phones. Sure we can use the old USB to USB c cable but I’d just rather worry about our c to c cable we use


Wow a 3 port PD car charger? I don’t think any company has released one of those

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in my opinion there should be a USB A port on these

There are already too many with USB-A ports!

I meant USB A in addition to PD

I know, there are already too many of those already! The transition should not be taking this long.

No it shouldn’t. Some people just aren’t willing to switch… gonna be honest, it cost too much… you see, I don’t want to buy any USB-C chargers because I don’t need them, and they cost a lot for something frivolous.

Now if brands like Apple and anker used USB-C, I would pick up some chargers to charge my devices. But until then it’s just a waste of money for me :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t Anker use USB C?

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Not for most stuff…

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Oh that’s right, they still use micro USB to charge their own products


Not interested, it needs to be a 3 port for 60W, intelligently distributed.

I’m leaving home today for 2 nights and I’m not carrying any Anker chargers. This is the part when they stop listening leads to me not buying.

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which, to be clear, is different from Anker’s definition

I’m carrying a single port 18W Huawei charger, and a dual port Aukey (like the Anker mini), Huawei Mediapd M5 8.4, LG Watch Urbane 2, Power core II 6700, Slim+, Life, a Powerline 6ft.

So for me too carry Anker charger they’d need a 3 port, 45W assuming it buy a PD Power core once they work with their chargers, 2 type C 1 type A port.

And I don’t think I’m that unusual, 3 to 4 ports 45W to 60W. These single ports aren’t for real people, these simply replace the stock chargers, no more.


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Placeholder page up at Amazon US

Seems like it will cost about $40

that’s a good price :+1: worth the small size.

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Anker’s PowerPort Atom III 60W is now available for Prime members to order on Amazon for a cost of $39.99, and should begin shipping immediately.

I see 3 anker products that are prime day launches…

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When you say smart power management with multiport, would you mean something similar to Anker PowerPort + 5?

what I mean by smart power management is that if only 1 port is being used then all power is diverted to that 1 port, if 2 are being used then it gets split between the 2 and so on so forth depending on how many ports their are

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