PowerCore Essential 20000 PD Not Charging

I bought the PowerCore Essential 20000 PD and it arrived today. When I plug in the USB-C to USB-C cord that it came with to my computer or laptop (the two only ports I have that take that) none of the 2 blue lights in the circle light up or blink or do anything. They stay on for about 20 seconds then turn off. I can charge my phone with the IQ USB-A charger (iPhone XS Max) but can not charge the power brick itself. Any ideas?

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Hey @Cryniixz
If you are you trying to charge your PowerCore from your computer, forget it.
You need something with a much higher output, like a PD charger.
To put it in perspective, I have the same PowerCore and using a normal 2.4a charger it takes nearly a day to charge.
So from a computer, I don’t think it’s worth the effort.
I’m sure if I’m wrong a member will advise better.

Here’s my review with charging times included:


Based purely on what you wrote, I agree with @paulstevenewing this appears to be you are not using a charger with PD 18W charger.

There is also a small chance the cable is dud.

So try a real charger, not laptop, and if that doesn’t work then also try a different cable. You can make it work off a 10W charger but slowly charging, an 18W charger is ideal.

If after trying both charger and cable then still an issue, them copy paste the order number and serial number with a brief description in email to support@anker.com


PowerCore Essential 20000 PD supports Power Delivery. Please charge it with a PD wall charger, such as an Apple 18W/61W/87W USB-C wall charger or a Nintendo Switch wall charger, and of course Anker’s PD wall chargers.

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Okay everybody, so I bought a new cable that instead of going USB-C to USB-C goes USB-A to USB-C and now it works. It also charges when plugged into my computer and the laptop, so that wasn’t the problem. I guess I got a faulty cord. Thank you all for the replies.

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Understood but you’re still charging slow relative to a 18W C PD charger port.

This Powercore has 2 advantages over just a regular 20000 of 18W input to speed up charging and 18W output. If you didn’t use either then you paid more money for nothing.

I purchased a PowerCore 20000 PD a couple days ago and just got my PD AC adapter today to charge it. As is standard it came with approximately 25% to 50% charge (2 blue lights on when unplugged, 2nd light flashing when plugged in). As it is a 72Wh battery, charging at 18W it shouldn’t take more than 4 hours to charge to full from empty, should it? But it’s been charging for approximately 7 hours from half charge and it just finished within the last few minutes. Any clue what could be wrong?

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So I have a similar issue. I have the Anker PD Charger, I have the battery. Plugged into extension cord and in over an hour and a half still blinking on 2, I think that was were it was when I started. Now plugging directly to wall and waiting and seeing. Next I will see if it charges with another anker cable. How long should it actually take to fully charge the first time???

Have to use 18W PD (9V 2A) and try different cables USB C to USB C as per the photos!

Mine isn’t working properly. Only charges with the Quest 2 charger not my Google one which is more powerful. It’s like it trips out the Google one and it needs to be plugged back in to reset it and make it charge my phone again.

Look at this picture and try to understand how to do it, dont forget that sometimes charging this battery takes quite a bit of time!

This video may be useful for you