Portable battery decision



Guys Here is my review And Pictures of "
Anker PowerCore 10000, One of The Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank

**also with size compared with iPhone Se


with phones containing enormous batteries (some reaching 5000 mAh capacity) soon 10k powerbanks will not cut it.


Wasn’t this same subject discussed in the last couple weeks


Your point is flawed because as batteries become larger they don’t need recharged as often…


This is a common Anker error.


Oh you have a valid point. I didn’t even think of that


So the ginormous screens/ faster processors/faster GPU’s will produce there own power?
Battery is the only component that has kept phone makers from going overboard with all the processing power and what not. Even with 5Ah battery, phones cannot last more than 2 days.
My first phone (a Nokia) used to last 10 days at least, those days are not coming back :grin:


Even with faster processors, they’re becoming more battery efficient.


I love the speed 20000 pd:


10000 pd small and packs a punch


Smartphone battery life has not increased in last 10 years despite processors/gpu getting more power efficient. Why do you think that is so? :joy:


Funny, because my iPhone XR Has a better battery life than any iPhone I’ve owned before it…


it is bigger than any iphone you have ever owned as well. Battery is bigger than any previous versions.


It’s 42 mah larger than the 7+, but a significantly larger battery life


yeah an hour extra not like double.
This is expected of a new device vs 4 year old device.


I’m talking about being brand new… watch any review from a reputable reviewer. Everyone agrees that this phone has the best battery life of any iPhone.


Look if a new phone don’t offer best till date then its better not to develop it.
My point is this, battery technology is not developing fast enough to keep up with what hardware manufacturers demand in terms of power, or the demands of software.
It is a shame that just because a battery cannot provide enough power to keep up the cpu to perform at its peak, manufacturer opts to slowdown the phone in order to avoid random shutdowns.

I’m a long time iPhone user as well but my 3 year old LG XCharge beats any iphone on any day in battery life.


So Which power bank choosed by this topic author?


Battery power and cooling


looks like LG Xcharge have 4500 mAh battery
no any iphone have same amount iphone max amount is iphone xs max : 3174mAh
if iphone have same as LG Xcharge ofc iphone will beat.