Piece “NEBULA” Together | Win a Nebula Capsule!

Good job @angelkumawat304 I would suggest posting you photos into a single post to help with any likes you receive :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you like my NEBULA offering:


Lol watch out for those horns

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Well This was such an amazing task. I enjoyed it ‘letterally’. It took me almost 72 km long drive! I tried to search it from the surrounding & see what I have got! Thank you @AnkerOfficial this was AMAZING.
‘N’ is there… see the Polls!

‘E’ was quite tricky one…!

‘B’ was not so easy as well but I have done it.:sunglasses:


‘L’ is here!

‘A’ The first letter I got!

Hope i would get enough likes. Thanks!


Just the E to redo, but Storm Alex is getting in the way!


Got a break in the storm clouds, so here’s the ‘E’ x have updated original post, will do the mosaic in a bit

Difficult to get finger pointing as had to zoom in rather than stand in road, but same location, different day.

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Updated my entry - :+1:

(Original post with updated imagery of separate photos)


Nah it is fine I don’t want to get something stuck in the propeller. I will just stay on the ground.

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:grinning: @angelkumawat304 !

@ikari04warrior if you appreciate the efforts you may vote for me on post no #178 on this topic Thanks!

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good effort @zolitare :grinning:

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@listera your “A” is si,ilar to app store icon. perfect! goodluck!

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This was pretty fun to do! Isolating at the moment so couldn’t take the fun outdoors but interesting how many letters you can find indoors too! I keep seeing letter everywhere now haha! Good luck everyone! All the pictures look great…The sign language one was really cool- I’m hoping to get back into learning it again.

Rearranged the cushions to get the N!
E was a hard one for me but then I got the idea when I was cooking lunch!
A lot of choices for B but felt this looked the most “B” like :smiley:
Was a toss up between dining table or fairy light for the U but I think the fairy lights were prettier
I feel like there were so many Ls here including the chairs but I went with the open laptop.
And finally for the A. Was pretty happy my houseplant seems to be growing into a nice A shape for me


I appreciate the comment. I was trying to do something a little different if I had to have my hand in it. You should go and give my post a like. :wink:
I will say yours is the cleanest house I have seen for a while considering I have two teenage boys. :rofl:

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@AnkerOfficial This one was tough with the pandemic going on…but the hike and walk made it easier to look at the world in a different way…Thank you Anker and Nebula…Hope everyone likes it :slightly_smiling_face:

1. Fond of Barbeque…Found these two prongs arranged in a way that resemble 'N’
2. Walking on a muddy trail, found tire tracks which looks like 'E’
3. While sipping water on my side table, discovered 'B’
4. weird concrete itch on the street I was walking by, 'U’
5. Some water maintenance activity happening in the neighborhood. Found myself a 'L’
6. A Private property no trespassing barricade helped me see an 'A’

All the best to everyone.!


Good use of the environment lol

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This is my try :hugs: Hope you like!! :blush::blush::blush:



Some great photos! Competition ends today? 10-10-20

Good luck everybody!

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