Notice Some "Missing Links"?

Did you notice some missing links? Testing Club and Power Reviews links have been removed.


Because we’re evaluating the programs and figuring out our next best steps.

Will we have a testing program? I hope so!

Will we have rewards? Definitely! Will they be Power Bucks? Maybe!

Will we allow you to redeem the PowerBucks in the future? Absolutely. When and how that will work exactly, I don’t know.

If I am so uncertain about the future of these programs, why did I remove the links? It’s not a good experience for new community members to come to our site and see programs that we’re not currently supporting.

Do you have ideas or comments or feedback for me on what you want to see in these programs? I’m open to connect and hear from you – email or make a comment on this post.

Thanks for being a part of the community, riding out these changes with us. Our goal is to create a connected community that’s rewarding (in every sense of the word) to be a part of.


We, the “old , tough remaining crew” :grinning: have been often asked about those bucks, the power users and the testing features.
If those are not available, there will be no more questions which can not be answered

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Did you mean a duplicate thread?

Merge them to not get two parallel discussion of ideas. Not replying to the other as Franz has already replied here.

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You may want to think about having the soundcore admin to take the testing club link away from their menu as well. This is a link on the soundcore community took you to the testing club page as it was shared.

As you can see on the second pic, it takes you to a blank page

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No, but you know this application better than I do, so it won’t surprise you to hear it threw an error. So annoying.

Yes! Thank you!