New Year, New Friends | Gifts Inside!

Hey, fans!

The start of the new year is the perfect time to look back on our achievements as a community so far. We’ve done some incredible things together, so let’s take a quick look at the numbers. You may find some of these quite surprising!

Community by the Numbers

  • Over 60,000 unique users
  • Over 5,663 discussion threads
  • Over 82,164 likes
  • Over 80,059 total post views (wow!)

But we won’t stop there! We’re asking you to invite your friends and family who are enthusiastic about tech to join us here in the community. As you’re already aware, there are some awesome benefits to becoming a community member. In fact, it’s just like being in a VIP club, but completely free!

Community Perks and Benefits

  • Exclusive contests and giveaways
  • Opportunities to test new or upcoming products
  • Community deals not available to the general public
  • First access to news about new projects and releases
  • Invitations to our live shows and meetups (new in 2019!)
  • New friends from all around the world!

New Fans Giveaway

If you’re reading this and haven’t signed up yet, we’d like you to join us today! By registering your account, you could win 1 of 30 FREE Soundcore Flare, the wireless speaker with a beat-driven light show.

It costs nothing to register, and not only will you be entered to win Soundcore Flare, but you’ll also be eligible to participate in all future events and giveaways!

Active Member Prizes

Now, we’d be remiss if we failed to recognize our community leadership team, our moderators (@ndalby, @TechnicallyWell) and Star Contributors (@elmo41683, @joshuad11, @tiagomota) who have stuck with us through thick and thin. They’re going to get a special mystery gift box. Congratulations!

We’ve also compiled a list of community members we’d like to recognize for the quality, quantity, and frequency of their contributions in 2018. They’re also getting a gift box!

Congratulations, everyone!

We regret that we weren’t able to mention everyone in this blog who helps keep this community running, but we appreciate you. Best wishes to everyone in the new year. We’ll see you here for even more exciting content, discussions, and events in 2019.

Power On!


  1. We’ll randomly choose 30 new members to win a Soundcore Flare speaker. Sign with a new account to be entered to win. We’d also appreciate it if you’d leave a comment introducing yourself and share this event on social media, though neither is required to be a winner!
  2. Valid for residents in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only.
  3. Event runs from midnight (PST) on January 3rd, 2019, through January 16th at 11:59 PM.
  4. Prizes will be shipped by January 31st. We will email the winners when the event ends.
  5. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

New Year, New Friends | Winner Announcement

Hi, Anker fans!

To start off, we would like to thank everyone who has participated for the New Year, New Friends event! We were super happy to read your comments and welcome so many friendly new faces into your community.

The winners of the new users giveaway are as follows:



We look forward to seeing your contributions to our community, and at future events.

Power On!


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Wow :scream:

Thank you very much @AnkerOfficial :blush:

Looking forward to seeing the forum grow and develop throughout this upcoming year.

Congrats to all the others who won a gift box :clap:t2:

And to those who didn’t, don’t be disheartened as I was in the same position as you last year - but being active and helping out (where I could) has meant that I was fortunate to get one this year. So who knows if you stick around and participate you could be getting one next year (if they do it again :tongue:)

Thanks you once again and Happy New Year


Ohoho! Great.

Never expected to be in this “hall of fame”.

Congratulations to all other buddies!


This is a total surprise. I work full time in a battery component manufacturing R&D and try to contribute as much as I can (I should be doing more but more of my time is spent in a lab). Never thought of getting recognized. Thank you Anker and congratulations to other surprise and/or gift winners.


Grats for all you mystery box recipients. Also a pre-welcome to any new members that may join up. :grin:


Cool. I look forward to receiving it.

Congratulations to @mark @fhassm @rob and all the other nice people

Will there be more “star” community members, as was suggested originally, or will it be rotational… IE… you serve a term, and then new people are chosen?


Good question Mac!
Chosen from the “all time list”, from the “Walhalla”? :grin:
May be those “events” could be better made a little bit more “private”.

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Wooooowwww :heart_eyes: Thank you @AnkerOfficial, thank you very much! I´m very happy y grateful, it is an honor to be part of this great community. I wish you always the best for the great Anker Team that is always at the height of the technological era :sparkles:


Hello Anker!

My name is Muhammad and I call myself a tech geek. I think I’m relatively new to this however I signed up in May and I only found about this now as one of my relatives talked to me about this scheme. I’ve studied computer science and IT and after being on this anker programme for a while I feel that this is a big community. Furthermore, I also admire your products and customer service absolute brilliant! Looking forward to purchasing many anker products in the future!

Many thanks,



Are you going from post to post, clicking g like in EVERYONES posts?

Can you check this? You know how cynical I am. lol


There’s no @rob… Your suppose to type @elmo41683 for me :wink:

@AnkerOfficial thanks for all that you do and keeping us all together and sane. The mystery u box brings excitement and can’t wait to see what it is. Congrats to those who did manage to get a box this time around, some names I wasn’t expecting but it hers I’m glad managed to get one.


hello, thank you, and goodbye.


Wow thank you @AnkerOfficial we were curious whether or not there would be boxes this year. We should have known that this year was going to be even more awesome than last year. Congratulations to everyone taking home one of the 15 mystery boxes.

I had a rough end to 2018 but this announcement has lifted my spirits a little bit☺️ thanks for that.

2018 was quite the year for Anker and their sister brands Eufy,Soundcore,Roav,and Mynt. I’m especially proud of Soundcore and that is my most favorite Anker brand to introduce new people to the Anker and show off my Flare speaker light show and great sound.

I hope to see a lot of new active members in the coming year. Welcome in advance and congratulations on finding this online community :joy: but seriously the amount that I’ve learned here on the forum keeps me up-to-date on the ever-changing Tech world and I am truly appreciative of all the very helpful and knowledgeable community members. This forum has become very important tool to learn about not only new products but any Tech questions myself or any other member has. I also appreciate the fact that anyone can come to this forum with any level of knowledge and you will never be chastised for your lack of knowledge and will receive assistance in a timely manner.

@AnkerOfficial congratulations on building a welcoming and knowledgeable community. There is no doubt in my mind at Anker will do great things in 2019.


Thanks so much, Anker! Logging into this forum is one of the things I look forward to each day and talking about technology with all the great people here!

And… welcome to the new users!


Many thanks @AnkerOfficial , the community certainly does seem to be going from strength to strength :thumbsup:

Big congrats to the contributors on the extra topics they have started this year to engage the community in gaining extra knowledge or just general talking points :clap: :clap: …finally… I must say I’m quite stoked that many active contributing members have also been chosen to receive a gift box of Anker goodies…hope you enjoy them :ok_hand:


Ja, Jesse, as you have more than everything said, I can only “hook” on.
Thank you for your appropriate words!


Thanks buddy. And now we play the waiting game :grinning: patience is not my strongest attribute​:joy: but I will be patiently waiting excited to learn the contents of the mystery boxes.

I forgot to mention how excited I am to learn that Anker will be inviting community members to live shows and meetups hopefully we are among the lucky few to be invited.


Me old man in a live show.
But when I take out my marriage suit (needs some dusting), a tie and get a good hair cut :
They all will think I am the senior boss of the company. :joy: