New to the community

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself and see what the community is all about!
Having a bit of a hard time navigating it, wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that they wouldn’t mind sharing!

Thank you everyone for your time and attention, I hope you have a wonderful day!
:smiley: :+1: :smiley: :+1:


Welcome to the community @Alanifierro

Recommend you to read the article here to get a better experience: Community Guidelines to Improve Your Experience!

Also the community was recently upgraded, so be tuned for new events, competitions in the community!

Some rules to keep note of!


Thank you so much Shenoy! Greatly appreciate the help!


Welcome to the community! I would offer help, but Shenoy has already taken care of everything you should need to get started.


Welcome!! I struggle for time to pop by but try when I’ve got a bit of free time, a great way to catch up on Anker reviews and new products coming out!


Welcome to the wonderful community @Alanifierro! We’re happy to have you here. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Perfect links by @Shenoy also @Star100x is right, the review you find here tend to have a LOT of information, which can be VERY useful.

Search function is your friend, and though I’ve been a ghost for years in the last week that I’ve become active, I’ve noticed some VERY helpful and knowledgeable folks around here.


Welcome, we’re glad you’re here! Check this link for all the categories in the forum. You can also find them by clicking the menu icon in the top-right corner.

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Welcome! Im sure we’re all glad to have you here! I hope you love it here- and are here to stay!

When I first got here I had a bad time navigating the site- but after a little bit It got significantly easier. I’m sure it will be easy for you after a few days. Let me know if you have any specific questions :wink:


Hello welcome to the community. This is a good place to come “hang out” lol

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Welcome Back!:hugs:

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@Alanifierro Nice to meet you here! If you are curious to know other information, feel free to ask here!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome to the community @Alanifierro :hugs:


Welcome to the community :muscle:t2:

Well, better late than… :nerd_face:
Found this place now and here I am (after a week or so).
Came in the beginning from Jerry Rig Everything to Soundcore and then over here. I’m a news geek, mostly about android stuff, but of course other stuff to. Stupid to be here, if not :wink:

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Welcome to join the anker community!!!
I hope you will like everything here, including me!:grin:

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Hey @Alanifierro welcome aboard.
You’ll find some really forthcoming knowledgable members here who are happy to give up their time to help out.
I’m relatively new here too (3-4 months)
I found following certain categories and members helped me find my feet.
Click your menu button or go to home, select a category, let’s say deals and giveaways, click the circle icon and select your preference;

As for members, when you see people post the stuff you’re into or on the same wavelength click their avatar and select follow. You will then be notified when they post;

I found that takes me to a lot of posts of interest that I may not have found myself.

I’ve also gone back in time in the some of the categories, there are some great humorous conversation to be read.

There are also a few off topic categories to get into. One of my favourites is Weekend activities where you’ll get to know people on a personal level - like a Facebook group.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy your journey enough to stick around and become a regular.


This is a very heartwarming introduction.:grin:


Welcome @fd.svensson now that you have all this info about the forum,. feel free to explore and let us know if you have any questions, you will certainly get answers here :slightly_smiling_face:

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