[New Release] PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) | Anker’s First Charger with PowerIQ 3.0!

Contributors beat Admins, some times… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately, that’s the case most of the time with Anker… not all brands.

It’s okay, though, I enjoy it.


But it’s still good news, isn’t it? PIQ3.0 for the win!

Are you a contributor for other brands too? may be in different line of products? just curious :thinking:

No, I’m not. Wouldn’t necessarily be against it, but it’s a big time commitment.

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It would appear that way, yes. But @professor brings up a good point in that there is still uncertainty as to what’s really going on here.

If you say this is mombojumo spoof, I believe you.

Why, like me, you’re not afraid to say so, if something ain’t right (usually different reasons!) Plus you understand the tech far more than any of us (no I’m not saying we’re thick, just we don’t understand it in the way prof does).

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This is true! There are some exceptions, but he knows more that most of us :joy:

@joshuad11: I would welcome a comparison guide. I just bought the 60W PowerPort Atom PD2 and now I’m not sure I made the right decision in my search for an all purpose travel charger (Lenovo T480s, Samsung S10 / buds and a powerbank).

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FYI - The link for this product on the Anker website takes you to the Amazon page for the PowerPort Atom PD 2


I can see a PowerPort Fusion with a USB-C port. Since there is a 5 and 10 k version.

Should discontinue the old chargers so less confusion. Also, will this be safe with the S9 Plus?

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I believe @PFM is referring to the Anker.com home page, in which case, you are right. :fearful: Come on, Anker!

Yes, as is the case with all Anker chargers. If you’re asking whether it will quick charge, it should, but I have noticed that some products with PowerIQ 2.0 have stated that they will not quick charge the S9 series…

Correct, Anker error.

Points to

Yes, come on Anker!

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They keep doing this… Anker Eufy site page for Smartscale had Robovac information… They fixed it after I mentioned it to them.

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Why do Anker make so many errors on their websites?

  • Anker makes mistakes deliberately to keep us on our toes
  • Anker hires dumb people
  • Anker hires clever people then over-work them to cause errors
  • Aliens are taking over the world and their first wave of attack are Anker website errors.
  • Zombies, because.

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It has been fixed, thanks for the heads-up.


Wow what was fast.

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