[New Release] PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) | Anker’s First Charger with PowerIQ 3.0!

No I don’t think they’re listening, I think this is marketing dept here to cause more stuff to be sold. There is a little bit of trickle back I expect to product managers but I think it is tiny.

This is the first product this year which may benefit me, it has the 45W PD for my Lenono laptop and an 15W IQ2 which is probably good for most of my other gadgets, but its still not intelligent enough.

Suppose I wanted to buy a Powercore which output PD, I’d want to share the 60W output based on need, e.g. a nearly empty laptop gets priority, til it approaches full, 85% typically, then it demands less and the 2nd port can take more. I could then all day use the laptop, keep it going with the Powercore and plug in laptop+Powercore when I get near a socket, knowing the laptop will get the maximum possible charge then the Powercore will get maximum possible charge using whatever the laptop does not need, and if I wait long enough, say overnight, both are charged.

PIQ3 but done intelligently, with a total power budget and multiple ports, with some prioritization so devices get priority over Powercore, is then the nirvana.

If they are shipping USB-C buds too then I’m still needing something more like a 3 or 4-port (laptop / tablet, Powercore, buds, phone). I’d not need any Type A ports then, USB-C buds, laptop, Powercore.

As physical size seems a function of Wattage, I’d want a small version 45W total, say 2-3 ports, a medium 60W 2-3 ports and a larger 100W 4 ports. The one I’d buy would probably be the 60W. This latest product comes close.

And thanks for letting us know to not buying - in my case I not really bought anything expensive charger wise from Anker for some time as its been excessively mediocre, slow, disappointing for a few years. I bought their 60W PD $36 as I needed to urgently a few months ago, yippee-do.

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Recently got new laptop Lenovo ThibkPad T480, and this is capable of charging via USB-C PD, started using this with PowerPort+ Atom PD 4. Works pretty well… only that the size of Atom PD 4 is almost same as the brick charger that comes with Lenovo.

Will not be looking for any the more PowerPort chargers for sometime :slight_smile:

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If PowerIQ 3.0 is supposed to be this “one for all” solution, I don’t understand why Anker’s first charger with it has another port without it… :confused:

IMO, all (or at least most) PIQ3 chargers should have nothing other than PIQ3 ports.


Bear in mind there is probably an electronics genius inside Anker who knows the challenges with negotiating voltages, currents, protocols, and someone less qualified inside Anker is thinking branding, placement, marketing.

I also suspect the electronics genius does not speak English ( much ) and Marketing does.

Given the end product probably has to make profit in the $30-$40 region, means the electronics has to cost <$10. Marketing can make vast waffle for free!

So we are the output of marketing, which is spinning a truth, from someone we do not know within Anker.

But I mean it makes since. If PIQ3 is truly a PD and QC replacement, why do we need PIQ2?

Oh yes I know. It’s why IQ3 is fake. IQ3 = USB-C, IQ2 = Type-A.

Send out review units and let us figure the truth. I’ll take one. I have a Lenovo 45W PD, two Huawei 18W, and a OnePlus6 18W, I can test on.


@MacBlank Sometimes you have to shell out your own money if it’s something you want… can’t always ask for free products.

It’s easier to beg for products for free than to buy them yourself? Not so sure…[quote=“professor, post:55, topic:68915”]
Your phone you recently got

How many times did you beg Samsung to send you out one for free?

  • PIQ 3.0 (USB-C Port): 5V ⎓ 2.4A / 9V ⎓ 3A / 15V ⎓ 3A / 20V ⎓ 2.25A (Up to 45W)
  • PIQ 2.0 (USB-A Port): 5V ⎓ 2.4A / 9V ⎓ 1.66A / 12V ⎓ 1.25A


I’m also still a little confused why PIQ 2 is only 15W. Was 18 then 19.5 now 15.

I own Huawei Mediapad M5 10.8 and 8.4 and I plugged them into various Anker chargers I owned and measured success or otherwise.

I own a Pixel C, and Anker’s 60W PD charger is ignored, does not work, they refuse to get anything in common like even 5V.
I own an Anker PD 5, it does intersect PD at 9V 2A.

Yes, I am saying Anker has some weirdness to explain, and I suspect this is marketing who are not fact-checking with technical. Give it a few days for emails within Anker. Your problem is you are basically pre-announcing products. Anker has had 4-5 years of the initial wave of literature being awful, you are tripping up on that.

Wait, so Anker essentially added the QC 3.0 standard to a USB-C port on a charger? Is that what this product is?

QC and PD without officially being either.


There is another post for the same published today on community… So which Post gets merged to which one

That’s easier said than done.

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Before this goes the direction which I think it’s about to go, a request…let’s keep things on track with what the post is about…the Atom III…

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@ndalby there is one other thread by Ankertechnical.

Introducing PowerIQ 3.0 | PowerPort+ Atom III

Can these be merged?

Not sure how this is going to work though…

Good catch…although they might possibly be referring to internal testing / use before it came to market (though essentially developed)?

For some reason they capped it at 18w and left it in place, can’t recall why… :thinking:

They could be merged but I’m holding on a response in the thread from @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical …as I believe the plan was for an official blog post regarding PowerIQ 3.0 (with mention of the Atom III) but @joshuad11 kinda beat them to it with the Amazon US listing (not certain why they hold on posting sometimes) :confused:

I kind of figured it, so was waiting, knew you were online and already seen these 2 posts… hoping Anker responds soon :slight_smile: