[New Release] PowerLine+ III | Anker’s Most Durable Cable Yet!

Anker is developing its most durable cable yet… take a look at PowerLine+ III!

  • Lasts 35 times longer than ordinary cables. Proven in a laboratory environment to withstand 35,000 bends.
  • One of the toughest cables ever created, with a tensile strength capable of withstanding 80 kg.
  • MFi certified for flawless compatibility with Apple Lightning devices, ensuring the highest possible charging speeds.
  • Features a fireproof coating.

For reference, Anker’s PowerLine+ II is capable of withstanding 30,000 bends.

Anker’s PowerLine+ III USB-A to Lightning (6’) is now available to order from amazon.com for a cost of $25.99, and should being shipping immediately.

What are your thoughts on Anker’s PowerLine+ III USB-A to Lightning? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


I guess I like it? I don’t really know what all the differences are yet haha


I need to replace my android car play USB-C cable (data stopped working on it yesterday) and if it releases soon I will get one of these cables.

I still have several of their older cables and they are going on 4 years and still going strong. That’s saying a lot when I burn through OEM and other branded cables in a few months.


Hope this will come in usb-c and usb-a :sunglasses::thinking::hushed:


I have yet to have to replace any of my Anker cables. They are that good! Improvements are always a good thing. :slight_smile:

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If I didn’t already have 4 or 5 Anker lightning cables, I’d be more excited about these. I am more likely to bring these up when a friend mentions that their Apple cable broke. We’ll see what the price difference is between the + II and + III.

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Over engineered. Once I moved to Anker cables they don’t fail. The port type will be out of date, the charging tech will render it obsolute before its broken. I have Powerline cables already, not this III and none failed, and all the MicroB ones I bought are getting less and less used as I shift to USB-C.

I’d say the cable reliability from Anker is good enough, there’s more important things to solve next.

There are needs for improvement in cables which are thin and strong cables, currently the 6ft thin Powerline cannot feed 18W, I have to use a thicker Powerline. So if say the thinnest ones could be as electrically efficient as the thicker ones, then I would carry less weight and bulk.

Obviously, those who do not own Anker cables will want to buy the best.


As the owner of three Anker chargers, three Anker portable batteries, and so many Anker cables I’m ashamed to admit how many I own… I personally would prefer the R&D budget go to usb c to usb c cables in longer lengths. The number of bends is useless in a 3ft length because that means we have to sit right beside the outlet - 10,000 or 100,000 bends is irrelevant. I have had two Powerline II usb c to usb c 6 ft cables fail in less than 7 months just by using them to charge an 11” iPad Pro while sitting on the sofa next to an outlet. I know there’s a marginal drop in speed but everything is wicked fast already that longer lengths for home use would be preferable. Of course, Apple could just make a better battery so I don’t need to charge while watching Netflix but I’m not holding my breath on that.


Looks good, they have waterproofing featured in a number of items so why not a level of fire protection as well :grin:


I like the shiney connectors but I don’t really need one as my current cable as a lifetime warranty :ok_hand:t2:

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And more colors too

Wish it was USB C to USB C. The red cables looks good :hearts:


I wonder what the price will be and if it will come with a special Anker case.

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Durability is always desired. Looks good. Hope you make them for USB-C to USB-C applications as well :wink:

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Updated with official images.

I hope that’s metal and not a cheap plastic…

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Its aluminum…


Plastic can be better than Aluminiun as Al can crack with fatique more. Plastic can be cheap, huge variety.

“Cheap plastic” is not necessarily correct, plastic can be cheap but plastic is not necessarily inferior to metal.

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When is this coming?

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Sooner than later…