[New Release] PowerCore 10000 PD+ (with PowerIQ 2.0)



PowerCore 10k PD+Extreme with PIQ 3.0 COMING 2021​:joy::wink:



The race to 4.0 begins!


The Walmart is actually pretty great. It means they can reach new customers.


In all honesty, though; if one isn’t released within the next few months, I’m going to be frustrated.


I’m just happy we’re starting to get type C on soundcore products.

Did you see the email earlier that makes it 80 bucks? I’m tempted


Expect more.


Lol. Nah, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I expect nothing.


Definitely a product I’d like to get since it has PIQ 2.0. For the price, it seems like a good purchase


You do you man.


I saw part of the email (what loaded). Speaking of Usb-C, I see 1’ length cables (nylon headed) for USB a to micro and lightning, but not to USB a to Usb-C. I’ve had two cables showing exposed wires. The original cables that comes with the products.


Nice product. But as others mentioned I’m not a big fan of Walmart only products I prefer to purchase these types of products from Amazon or directly from Anker.

I think Best Buy is now getting Best Buy only products form Anker.


So… “Walmart only” equals “US only”?
Will it become available in Europe and Germany? I was considering to buy the PowerCore 10000 PD for a while now but had a feeling that a little bit of waiting might be worth it… but now I won’t be able to buy the PowerCore 10000 PD+?
And the old PowerCore 10000 PD is not even listed on the Anker homepage anymore - what is going on?


What device(s) do you plan on charging?


Too expensive for $50 IMO


I want a powerbank to charge my new camera (Canon EOS RP) while traveling, which requires USB-C with power delivery. But I also want to be able to charge my phone and bluetooth earphones via USB-A, so the PowerCore 10000 PD seemed like the perfect match. This includes the advertised “trickle charge” function. I have a “PowerCore+ 13400mAh” from 2016 and I am still not sure if it actually charges my bluetooth earphones.

I am also confused by the note “Not compatible with Anker PowerPort PD 1, Anker PowerPort PD 2 or Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1” on Amazon, since I will also need a new wall plug to charge the new PowerCore.
There are a couple of posts about that topic: PowerCore 10000 PD and Wall charger compatibility

I assumed a new “+” version of the PowerCore 10000 PD would have solved those issues.
(btw I hate those “+” naming scheme. They should have a proper versioning with numbers…)


While the + version may have resolved those issues, the main upgrade (from PowerIQ 1.0 to 2.0) would not benefit the devices you mentioned as they do not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. As a result, you’d be paying more money for something you don’t need.

I would recommend PowerPort III mini or PowerPort Speed+ Duo to charge PowerCore 10000 PD. Not sure about the availability of these where you live.


Updated original post with features & details from Walmart


I think for $5 extra the PowerPort III mini is a better purchase than the PowerPort Speed+ Duo


I also have the old one, the non-plus version, bought them on amazon. Amazingly, it also charges my macbook pro 13 inches when closed. So its a great addition in my case, great for quick top-ups when in dire need of power. Of course 10,000mah isnt much but its good to know its compatible… i primarily got it for my iphone xs max, but was surprised it actually worked too on my macboook pro.