[New Release] Mars II Pro

Wish I could trade my powerbucks for one of these :joy::sob:

Looks like the pre-order has vanished…

Seems like I nailed it![quote=“joshuad11, post:4, topic:67424, full:true”]
I would say $700.

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I am really just interested in an acceptable way to charge on the go and the ability to still retain 4 hours of battery life if charging is not available. Does this projector downgrade the brightness while on battery power? If it did the projector would be perfect for camping and still acceptable for outdoor movies at home.

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Does anyone know anymore detailed specs? I am about to purchase the Mars II, but I would consider the Mars II Pro if it did the following:

  1. Keep the runtime of the Mars II by allowing same output options with the addition of the elevated brightness option
  2. Offer more of an upgrade than just brightness for $250.
  3. Would be nice for slightly larger battery in same form factor.
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I’d be VERY surprised if your #1 wasn’t a feature. It’s included in the Mars II (although I always over-ride to the brighter setting, even in battery mode).
2 - Well, you’ll get a newer version of Android, if that floats your boat?
3 - I’d love that too. Will have to wait and see.
If I were you, I’d be hanging fire for now.
As a Mars II owner, the Pro version is tempting but I’m holding out for a possible future brighter option, in an inevitably slight larger, but still portable, format.


Pro also has vertical and horizontal auto Keystone as an upgrade from the Mars II

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Any more details on availability? Amazon says it has been unavailable for at least a week. I would like to purchase one instead of the current Mars 2.

Any details on when available? They were stated to be shipping on June 20th.

@AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical may have more information.

Thanks @Insider for the mentions to @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical in hopes of a better answer! I hope to hear soon as I am just waiting to purchase the product.

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I am still really looking forward to this projector. Any timeline? It is past your initial shipping deadline and no literature?


Mars II Pro was actually just registered with the FCC, so that explains why it hasn’t been available yet.

Maybe try messaging one of the admins directly for an updated timeframe.

Interesting the Amazon listing has been updated to battery time of video playback of 3 hours vs 4 hours if the 300 ANSI version…

Makes since if the battery size is the same. Higher brightness = more power consumption.

Did you order it?

@Arcticboarder21 Mars II Pro is now available for a cost of $599.99 (previously $699.99), and should begin shipping immediately!


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I just placed my order. Here is the response from customer support that I received after asking a few questions. “In fact, I do agree with you that Mars II Pro is a pretty nice choice as it’s an upgraded version to Mars II with better brightness of 500 ANSI lumens and also much improved the HDMI audio delay issue” This is good news for all! Looking forward to my projector. I will receive Thursday, but will be going out of town the same day so I’m not sure I’ll be able to test it before the weekend.


So what are your impressions?

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