[New Release] Mars II Pro



Nebula has just released its fourth portable projector of the Mars series… take a look at Mars II Pro!

Features & details

  • Sensational Clarity: Experience your favorite content in a whole new light. 500 ANSI lm brightness and 720p DLP IntelliBright technology combine to create a crisp, clear picture.
  • Stunning Sound: Dual 10W audio drivers generate cinematic stereo sound and deep pounding bass.
  • Worldwide Viewing: Make the whole world your screen, with the 1-second autofocus and manual horizontal/vertical (±40°) keystone correction, you get a sharp and stable image—no matter the surface.
  • Binge-Watch in Style: Watch YouTube, Netflix, and more wherever you go. Seamlessly display your favorite Android 7.1 content for endless hours of entertainment.
  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Mars II Pro to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported.

Pricing and Availability: Nebula’s Mars II Pro is available to order now via Amazon for a cost of $599.99, and should begin shipping on June 28. However, stock is very limited at the moment.

Are you interested in Nebula’s latest addition to the Mars series? Be sure to let us know your thoughts with a reply down below!

Nebula Mars II pro hits FCC!

I’m guessing 450$+ fs


I’m interested, however, they are a bit pricey for me


I would say $700.


Oh okay. I guess I don’t really know what I’m talking about :joy:. Either way I can’t afford it, not do I need it :joy:


No, you may very well be closer than me!


This is great news… But I still would much rather see 1080p and a much higher lumen rating


One of these days I want to get one of these but I rally don’t have the money right now


Wow that’s a good chunk of money


Certainly are digging their heals in on 720p, despite 4K almost becoming the norm as a viewing standard :confused:

Hopefully the Mars gen III might actually hit 1080p and lumens above 500 :pray: :slight_smile:

As for price, I’m guessing in the $499-599 bracket…to start with…


So disappointed to see 720P. With the rise of 4K and how widely accessible it is nowadays, 1080P should be the minimum resolution output for the projectors.


Also, why not Android TV from now on? It’s on Capsule II and Prizm II Pro. Should be the new standard. It would certainly solve the pesky “no-HD Netflix” issue…


Yes, agree with most of the comments here, should be 1080p and with a streaming service such as Android TV, then would go for it at $500 max.,


People calling for 4K need to take a look at the price point of native 4K projectors and the fact this is marketed as a PORTABLE projector for occasional ad-hoc use in non-optimal viewing conditions.

Frankly, 1080p would be overkill too. 720p is just about right. The shame with this release is that the brightness of 500 ANSI lumens is no better than the original Mars I product.


So based on some responses this Mars II Pro is not worth its weight. I agree that a higher lumen output would add much, higher resolution as well. The killer is the copyrighted content can’t be mirrored and I saw there was an issue with the Netflix app hanging up after 30 min on the other projector. Wonder if this got resolved?


I think we’re still a ways away from 4K becoming the norm. 1080p and a much higher lumen count would be nice, though.


I don’t have issues with Netflix hanging on my Nebula Mars II, and we use it at least once a week, more when my son doesn’t have school


Did you contributors get a high quality product yet?


Some have. I have yet to claim one.


Same here :frowning2: