[New Release] DashCam Duo is Now Available!



The video review is very nice! It need to spread widely!:sunglasses:


So where are the specs, price and details on this dashcam? Curiosity is killing me cause tax time is now, I've filed and awaiting payment. Got some tech I need to buy!!!


@dicejedi Check out this video I made on installing the hardwire kit (also made by Vantrue) on the Vantrue N2 Pro. I used a Add-a-Circuit and tapped into an existing fuse.


@Ben_Reilly The N2 Pro has 1080p quality for both front and in-cabin cameras. Quality is great for both day and night. As for being able to see license plates, yes for the front, but no for the in-cabin camera. There is no way to see that far back out the rear window to see a license plate. I'm sure you would be able to see if the car behind you rear ended you.

There is actually a Flash sale going on now at Newegg for $159, regular price is $199 at Amazon.

Mods, I apologize if talking about a sale for another product is not allowed. Please delete if this is against the rules.


YEAHHHH!!! Many thanks @deeznutz! I believe this should work for the C2 Pro as well.


@deeznutz No worries man, we all have different likes/dislikes, preferences etc.... Right now I am seriously pondering the C2 Pro. I've compared others from several manufactures but seem to like the form factor on the C2 better. BUT I am still waiting on more info of this new dashcam, especially price & functionality.


Thanks #AnkerOfficial for the compliments and any ideas on how to spread the video review widely would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
I have filmed a “hard-wire installation” of DashCam in the car. I thought it may be helpful for some of us.

The hardwire kit used is of different brand (not anker Roav). But I hope Anker Roav makes that add a fuse and hardwire kit available for us to test. I would love the idea of getting hardwire installation equipment alongwith the new dual dashcam by Anker Roav. It would give me a chance to record a video for all of us-the Anker community, on HOW TO DO HARDWIRE INSTALLATION OF ANKER ROAV S2 DUAL DASHCAM.
Best of luck guys with your :bulb: ideas on testing. #WELOVE TESTING


Shouldn't be too much longer before we know!



Amazon US page partly up here...no additional information regarding possible front/rear...so that version looks like its still to come...


I clicked on the link and really hope they put up more info on Amazon. It is too vague right now as the form factor has changed and the details look as if it is just a front facing dashcam. Hmmmm, if I get some kind of discount/coupon for the C2 Pro then the S2 might be a regret not buying cause I got me some tax money to burn


No one said it was a dual camera setup, but we all just speculated as such. But it wouldn't surprise me if they did a single camera first and eventually offered a dual face camera down the road using the same type housing


Ehh still looks like at least duel lens cam to me possibly tri cam. Why else would the cam on the right have IR and be rear facing?


The camera lens shown in the picture with 4 LEDs is clearly an inner cabin IR camera. The other one is supposedly on the front side and would be without any visible LEDs. If this is the scene this would be the best for Ridesharing and Taxi, a dashcam of choice. Not only for commercial use, this would definitely be the choice for personal use as it covers the Sides of the vehicle including optical blind spots that can be captured otherwise.
I would again say #We Love Testing because it seems to be a good dashcam...


Any word on this dashcam? Hopefully you all didn't forget about updating us! @joshuad11 Will this dashcam be 4K? Front & rear cameras? Price point? All the bells & whistles and then some that will set it apart from the others? Inquiry minds want to know! Thank you in advance


There's not a whole lot of info available for the dashcam yet, the info posted above is what we know so far. As others mentioned from the picture it should be dual cameras, but how it functions we do not know. Hopefully it will be released before summer, but it could be longer as we have seen other announced products take up to a year to be released from when it's been announced


I am checking sources for updates daily, and will let you know when I discover something new.



Hi all,

As it turns out, I have failed the Community again. The description I shared previously was misleading. It had not been updated from DashCam S1, which means S2 is indeed likely a dual camera setup. We are still lacking concrete details, but I will be sure that you are the first to know as soon as the information becomes available.

Sincerest apologies,


@joshuad11 we are all human and make mistakes, don't be so hard in yourself.


@joshuad11 it's okay, you are just trying to help the community with what you know (from your sources) ahead of all of us. Keep up the good work buddy :thumbsup:


@joshuad11 No worries! I'm happy that this will be a dual cam setup! Any information is good information!