[New Release] DashCam Duo is Now Available!



@joshuad11 No worries! I’m happy that this will be a dual cam setup! Any information is good information!


Original post has been updated with no information. It appears there has been a name change from S2 to Duo, which makes more since. Release is likely not far off!


Hmmmm okay! So suspicions on dual camera was correct! Can’t wait for the specs! This should be awesome!


Launch is likely imminent for those interested.


Would say so from the updated images on the listing…

Not so the internal facing (cab) camera…would have though it would have been a focused zoom to cover the rear windshield…


I would really like to see a camera setup that does front of car, back of car, and the interior of the car.

Does the camera have WiFi? Right now the market could use a dash cam that supports an easy way to pull up videos on your phone without needed some clunky cloud setup


This most likely will record the interior of the car, if you look at the picture the rear camera is attached to it so it records the interior and whatever is behind the car. If this follows suite if their other dash cameras it will use the App to pull the videos from it… I just hope it’s smoother and will work better without lag like the previous dash


Will this be 60fps like the s1 or 30fps like the rest of the line?


Most likely 30 fps.


Sounds correct 30fps, else this would have been shown in Product description


@AnkerTechnical Is Roav Planning any dual Dashcam models – one for Front and one for rear view … not talking about the Duo but 2 completely separate Dashcam units which sync over Wifi / Bluetooth.



Roav’s DashCam Duo is now available to order via Amazon for a cost of $129.99, and should begin shipping immediately. However, stock is very limited at the moment.

@ndalby, could you please update the original post for me?


Thanks for the update, great news!!!

$129.99 is a good price for this Duo. I had estimated it at higher cost.


lol why can’t you update it? :joy:


It’s been over two months.


DashCam S1 records at 60 fps.


@joshuad11 Original post now updated :slight_smile:


Ah a 130 buck dashcam??? what can it do that my A1 cannot do?


Record you at the same time as recording the road :wink: :joy:

In comparison to some similar designed models, the $130 is cheaper than I thought it would have been…

Only $10 out, not bad :laughing:


Super excited, been waiting for anker to make one of these for years.
So I have a lot of questions about the specifications. It looks like a great competitor to the vantrue if the specs turn out to be good. Since it includes GPS which vantrue charges extra for. Although you do lose the ability to record 1440P front only, but who buys a dual cam to record only front anyways?

  • It says it has a capacitor. So can we assume there is no battery to get wrecked in the Florida sun?. It shows -4 degrees to 158 degrees in the picture. Is that enough to leave it permanently mounted in the Florida sun all summer? I assume that’s the storage range not the operating range.

  • “3.5mm power”? please tell me it’s not using some weird proprietary charger and is instead using standard usb. (I’d love for it to be usb-c, but micro-usb will do if it keeps the price down)

  • How much will the hardwire kit cost? is it going to be the add a fuse type? How much power will parking mode use? how long will it run before it has to shut off to keep from killing battery?

  • Does it have a microphone? and if so can it be disabled?