[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA



I use eneloop all the time for my controllers, mice, keyboards, remotes, and anything that still needs a AA or AAA.


Typical AAA are about 800-900 mAh. Looks like its a pack of 25 :joy:


Nice. I’d buy them if they were rechargeable, if I didn’t already have a couple dozen Eneloops lying around.


Took them long enough!


I need some 18650 cells, please Anker make or sell them…


I have one :grin:


Interesting, is that from a power bank? I didn’t think they’d put they’re own wraps on but it’s a nice touch :+1:


Nope. It’s from the LC90 flashlight.


I’d like to own and test this batteries out. See how long they last and how long they take to recharge


Love that packaging mabey a power draw prize?!?!? :upside_down_face:


This is a very good idea.
Could be an auction as well.


I like it chiquinho :+1::+1::+1:


I need some serious alternatives for my Panasonic Eneloop batteries :slight_smile:


if the battery is that small and holds 3350 mah why is the 5000mah/5200mah powerbank quite big


This is made by Panasonic.


Becuase there’s also a USB port inside and metal to keep it proctected and stuff to stop it over heating


That all depends which baterypack your talking about, not all of them use the same size 18650 battery


Did anker design them and Panasonic manufactured them? Or did Panasonic design them?


It’s all Panasonic. They do let others rebrand


A few years ago Apple too offered an Apple branded AA rechargeable cells and charger. It was Eneloop inside. I still have it :+1: