[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA



Holiday from 6/7-9


There are many things which are strange to some people.:grin:


@Shenoy @TheCharneco

I read this as Charge Fast, Live More? Hence why I thought rechargeables!

Although the size of the packs does suggest disposables?!? - Not ideal in this Eco day and age!


@star100x Hope Anker proves us wrong and make them rechargeable :slight_smile: when they are back on Monday


Interesting, I’ll certainly try these out. I’d be really excited if they started selling 18650 batteries like the ones they use in their powerbanks (I expect this won’t happen due to liability issues).


nice! If they offered a multi battery type charger I will invest in these.


Lol yeah I meant to post that earlier. I agree with @star100x that these are probably rechargeable, based on the packaging. Plus they are too expensive for disposable battery’s.


haha can’t wait for the anker battery bunny next easter


Cmon man, this has been announced since December :joy:


There is not a single mention of rechargeable word … i wouldn’t trust a single word on Amazon for these Anker AA / AAA, as they show as "Ultra-High Capacity: With a huge 20000mAh capacity PowerCore Edge :laughing::joy:


But this is in the actual photo, which is clearly of the product.

If these are disposable they won’t sell. No one would pay that much, unless they’re addicted to spending money.


Usually, rechargeable batteries come with a charger… be it Energizer or Duracell… and usually seen with chargers along with the batteries…

If these are rechargeable then a charger should also be included or provided as option… looks half baked solution overall.

With this, I will rest for this topic, we can wait till Anker announces what it is that they actually want to launch :slight_smile:


Is this the answer for the giveaway at Anker.com? Maybe


No :smiley: they posted answer on Fb, Its New Charger Generation charger (looks like ipad charger)


I’m not sure where you got that idea from… can you share a screenshot of that post?


Low discharge, high capacity batteries are desirable for us photographers. Similar to these:

I’d like to know the specs though.


I can almost guarantee these are an oem rebrand. To be fair, Anker does not manufacture the batteries in their power banks either (no power bank maker does). At least here you can rely on the Anker warranty and customer service. I don’t think it would be possible for very many companies in the world to build up the infrastructure to manufacture battery cells.


I did guess battery - it did rhyme with free :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I thought rechargeable for sure. Don’t see why we would have a disposable especially from a company like anker.


No, I’m sure they won’t manufacture them, almost no brand for anything ever does. They designed it, and will have someone else manufacture them.