[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA



I think a number of had already guessed these as a possiblity on this topic here but it looks like Anker’s Amazon team might have jumped the gun, possibly confirming? :laughing:

  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 30 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Long-Lasting Power: Power small devices like remotes for over a year, or keep toys and game controllers running for much longer than other brands are able to.
  • PowerLock: An air- and liquid-tight seal keeps the power inside; until you’re ready to unleash it.
  • 10-Year Shelf Life: Buying batteries in bulk never made more sense. Anker Alkaline batteries work flawlessly for up to 10 years after they are first purchased.
  • Adaptive Output: Anker Alkaline batteries deliver only the power required by your devices, ensuring universal compatibility and long life.
  • Not rechargeable

AA 24 Pack - $12.99 in stock for next day delivery
AA 48 Pack - $24.99 in stock for next day delivery
AAA 24 Pack - $12.99 in stock for next day delivery
AAA 48 Pack - $18.99 in stock for next day delivery

So what do you think of Anker’s latest product offering; regression in the light of their power banks or a wise release catering to those who still rely on products that require changeable batteries?

Also what’s your take on them not being rechargeable?

Thank you for paving the way. It’s our turn now

if anker also release charger for it I will buy anyway!! looks good idea.


Decent. Wonder how they compare to the good old Duracell?

Quality counts on a battery. Nothing worse than having to change them too frequently.

Interested in seeing these on sale :thumbsup:


Why not, but a really good quality is essential.
But I suppose ANKER will not dare to offer low quality.:grin:


Energizer uses our company’s separator in their alkaline batteries :+1:
Anker let me know if you would like to use that too.


looks the same as the battery on the astronauts back - I wonder if they have an increased mAh capacity than standard AA batteries from Duracell or Energizer


Great, thanks for sharing… Duracell markets for having extra long life, hope Anker beats them…
And I hope Anker releases rechargeable batteries as well, with some kind of Quick Charge technology included…


I agree with u,Rechargeable, long life and quick charg, also cheap than others Anker Will beat best sellers :sunglasses:


Those omg look clean :blush:


For rechargeable NiMH nothing beats Eneloop (formerly Panasonic now Sanyo).
They retain 85% capacity after 1 year of storage.


Yep. We all knew already :joy:

Are they rechargeable?


Do they come with PIQ 1.0 or PIQ 2.0? :joy:


Use the very same ones myself, use and retention are excellent :grin:


I have heard this too.


They’re absolutely beautiful! I wonder what took 'em so long! LOL


You may have missed my question since I updated my post with it, so I’ll ask again…

Are these rechargeable? I don’t see anything about it on the page…


Most likely I would think they are rechargeable for the price point they have but it’s hard to tell for certain from the images on Amazon (it looks like it says rechargeable, of which Anker are famous for rechargeable items so if they weren’t its quite a U-turn)…as per OP, will update the topic as more information comes in from the Amazon listing…


see this is what i was thinking… but just seemed to easy… so i went with lawn mower… lmao oh well


It better be. Alkaline battery market is rapidly shrinking and not profitable (even for Duracell and Energizer).
In the rechargeable market there are plenty of players and quality of batteries are wide. Some are great and some are really poor.
But the bunny picture don’t tell with confidence about rechargeable since both Duracell and Energizer are not the best players in rechargeable market.


If I were in the market for rechargeable battery’s, I would only get eneloop or anker.

Personally I’m trying to move away from AA/AAA battery’s. I only want built in rechargeable battery’s. Since I’m not fully clean, I wouldn’t mind one set at least…