Thank you for paving the way. It’s our turn now

interesting hope i guess it right

I am never good at guessing…hope I got it.

I still got time to enter so I won’t rush right now, I don’t want to get it wrong

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I think I FINALLY get it! :sweat_smile:

Good luck! It took me a pretty minute before I finally understood :joy:

Sorry @AnkerTechnical the secret has been exposed to the whole world on Amazon and needs some serious corrections, listed wrongly.

Shhhhh. Some people might not have caught on yet :confused:

Once it is on Amazon and Anker Community… It’s an open book :grin:

Plus all members on this post have visited / commented on the other revealing post :joy:

Glad I waited to submit my answer :joy::clap:


You can submit now :slight_smile:

Lol I did earlier when I knew what the answer was for sure. I guess it was a miscommunication issue since they themselves revealed the answer

Yup, it happens, hope they fix it in future events

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We shall see :thumbsup::grin: I’m not complaining that they post the answer tho

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Must admit, I thought it would be a powerbank rather than batteries, as there’d been NO mention or hint previously of Anker doing their own batteries.

i figured it was those, but… just seemed to easy so I put something else. lol

Y’all are too focused on the picture, did none of y’all read the riddle? More specifically the last part

[quote=, post:1]
What’s making the buzz that the rabbit now hears,
Which he hasn’t yet seen but greatly he fears[/quote]

That was what I based my first guess on (guess I’m not allowed to tell you what it was). I ended up opting out of that guess for this new one. However I have two Freinds who went with the former guess. We shall see what it is In the end.

Perhaps it hasn’t, could still be something else hence why I said ‘possibly’, the riddle could still fit for two other things :wink:

Or maybe the riddle and the image have nothing to do with it, and we’re supposed to just guess randomly :joy:

Would you wake up already and stop trying to confuse people even more :wink: