New Product Shipping Now: Did You Back the EverFrost Cooler?

  • Did you back our Kickstarter campaign for the EverFrost Powered Cooler?
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You may want to look at your thread as the poll did not come out right.

I think it is the bullet points that may be the issue

I believe your question should be outside the poll code.

I would try to do your question and then go to your setting for the poll. In the comment box you just need to put the yes and no just on different lines.

I will say at the bottom of a thread or comment in the lower rt is a monitor icon that allows for a preview of your comment/thread that will be posted.

Hope that helps

What Duane said lol.
The poll currently isn’t working but to answer the question no I did not but I definitely am interested in it wanted more reviews and such before committing to it.

Good luck to Anker’s product launch.

Personally for long road trips I’d never get one as I prefer low tech less to fail of put ice in a dumb plastic cooler and drain it from bottom when ice melts, keeps stuff cold for 2 days, and you buy ice from gas stations on the road.

I also shifted my food purchase to less frozen to store 2-3 days of frozen food in summer which I’d cook when power out and stocked up on camping cooking kit. Less things can go wrong that way. I store more frozen food in winter as it goes off slower. I pack on top of freezer dispensible low-cost foods and what don’t mind room temperature a few days like bread, they warm up first but act as a insulating blanket over the more expensive food further down. In fridge I just store a shelf of long-life milk they similarly don’t mind room temp but act to make the fridge work more efficiently.

All considerably lower cost than a portable fridge, and less to fail.

While I don’t think there’s going to be zombie apocalypse I do think power is going to get less reliable, and more severe weather events, as well as another pandemic, so Anker may want to think about what to make for those situations. Your Powerhouse I’ve avoided as I’d rather own 6 Powercore than 1 Powerhouse , as 1 Powerhouse can fail while harder for 6 Powercore all to fail. A modular Powerhouse easier for self-repair would be a good engineering problem to solve.

Given the future is going to change rapidly, unpredictably, a general direction towards portability, but also backpack capable, is what I’d encourage to think of, you can’t always move around in a truck, although you typically have to in some predictable mass weather events (Hurricane, ice storms, etc). See

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I wanted more reviews too; I follow a couple of overlanders/campers that use similar products and hope they get their hands on them.


Genuine question: Why would you want one other than “gadget addiction?”

Poll / post fixed guys (in a fashion, somethings out of whack with the code and cannot be changed after 5 minutes), date extended a tad :sunglasses:

As for backing, nope, interesting product and no doubt could have some use but I also have house bills to pay which take precedence :joy:


Some people ordered two! :rofl:

funny – I’m very much the same way today. In the early aughts however, totally different story, haha

Do we know why?

Was it for capacity reasons? So they really wanted bigger?
Or was it for diversity? So they had two places?

Knowing the “what” gives you partial knowledge, knowing “why” gives you predictive knowledge to feed into product roadmaps.

A couple reasons on top of my head:

  1. I had mentioned before that I follow a couple of overlanders on YT. This is a great example; they will go weeks in their renovated trailer in the middle of the desert with little to no facilities. Ice isn’t an option and uses a refridgerator to store their perishables. Great channel;

  2. Emergency situations; power outages to try to save your food. At least where I live we have 2-3 power outages every winter with ice storms. Getting out to get Ice or anything else is not an option; throwing it outside isn’t always an option because the temps are above 32 degrees during the day.

If the beer is not strong, one needs more space to store.
So two of such boxes are really perfect.

My green neighbour has now the roof full of panels.
But in the winter no sun , po power.
At the moment there is too much,.
So he will spend me a “private cable”! :rofl:

I did not back it but do think it was a cool product (pun intended). (plus I already have like 6 coolers of various cooling ability and wife would probably say no right now lol)

I think a potential fault in the backing is that a lot of folks may not think of going to Kickstarter to view if there is a concept from the Anker brands that they are wanting to get off the ground. I know there is a certain secrecy on not wanting info on products to be known until they are released as we have seen in the communities in the past but I would figure the kickstarters would be a different venue and maybe could have been advertised more.

I will say that I knew that it was a potential product to be released due to a survey from my Eufy security app several months ago. It asked question on what you liked better on certain parts of the product (example the table design or another option or two).

I have done a few of those surveys on the app and have seen products that have came out or not come out based upon the questions from the surveys. This was one of the more interesting ones to be made.

So it is a nice product and wish it a great success as it is looks pretty nice.

Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing it.

It surpassed its funding goal on KS, so that was a success. And yes, we do like our surveys and consumer insights…which is a really valuable aspect of this community for the brand.

I’ve backed two different kickstarters in the past from reputable brands; one took a year to start production behind schedule; then their product went to market on Amazon before they even fulfilled the kickstarter pledge orders. I cancelled.

The second ended up being an absolutely terrible product that went under litigation for false advertising. I swore off kickstarter. Any potential savings for me for backing a product early isn’t worth the risk of a V1 of a product, especially an expensive one.

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This is my nightmare. I get so excited about innovative product. What a fail.

There are these reusable sticky notes on KS right now from RocketBook. I might fall for them. They’re inexpensive, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever backed a KS before. I could use the consumer experience.

How long are your power outages in winter?

If outages due to cold weather, isn’t an insulated outdoor food container going to be on average cold so in daytime it’s not above 32c within?

I know some who need to keep medical equipment cold in an outage, but of course if you own a freezer, you own ice, and pack ice around something keeps it 0C for days.

So long outages to keep food cold is a challenge but then how much volume you need for that context? More than this product?

At my current home, typically less than 24 hours. My family in more rural part of the state? Anywhere from a few hours to a week depending on the ice storm severity. Last year a relative just about had spoiled insulin due to lack of power. They looked at these types of products for that reason.

For instance; a few years ago we got an ice storm that knocked out power for 30% of our county, the majority of it was rural. Down trees and power lines did not allow for travel. Temps warmed, but no power to keep things cooled. It is not uncommon that national guard have to take medications to people because of the lack or resources.

I see multiple use cases for a product like this.


I agree there’s situations where you need to keep things cold longer than a power grid outage. Those though tend to be at home. And if regular occurence you own a generator (diesel makes electricity).

But this product’s USP is it’s portability and use of DC power. Portable fridge. It does though turn the problem back into you still have to supply electricity which comes ultimately from fuel.

So I’m thinking more of an RV type context? The RV owners I know have a big battery and a 2nd diesel tank they run , some also have solar and run a small fridge that way. So this Anker product is more where you want to move your fridge around , a portable fridge, so not RV and not home context, but mobility needs inbetween?