New Life P3

Now on the Soundcore site in coral red guess that means we should see it in stores soon would be my hopes.nor not free to speculate since they put it on the site


There was a hint of a pre-order discount. Pricing not given.


Had the same ad signed up and once I did the ad was gone.

I’m most interested the beta testers now are doing a decent test and own different products to do a decent comparison.

This could be a great product, if so the reviews will reveal. As a point of principal and review with “unboxing” as the thrust in title I do not look at as anyone buying can open a box.

Until then I’d just suggest calm patience.

The site that I had found it on Soundcore has now changed so you can buy a 25% off code for a dollar

I like the color, looking forward to future help threads lol

So like the Q30 pre-order.

Yeah for the most part. I kind of wish you didn’t have to pay to get the discount I know it’s only a dollar but it’s still just kind of bothers me

Stops time wasters. They can order ahead knowing demand.

25% discount is the order of what you’d get later so there is low risk to the buyer of wasting money if there is a matching set of reviews at launch date.

The Q30 launch they had pre-order and launch reviews with a month to decide, so that was reasonable.

Overall if they repeat how Q30 was done then difficult to complain.

I can guess price paid with discount around £75-£80.

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With a price like that it almost seems like these will be in competition with the life a2 nc I think is the ones I’m thinking of. If the discount is valid for a month letting people see reviews then yes it seems worth it but if it is the initial first week then people are taking a risk……god this 504 error is still happening and so annoying

Well they closed my thread so now I’m confused I post what is on their website which is allowed by the ToS but they still close my thread even though I share what they made public

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Those things always happen.
Dont worry about. :wink:
Enjoy your day!
The 504 is meanwhile normality, like Covid-19.
We have to live with.

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Join the club of the confused Soundcore ToS.


At least you’re not suspended.

The chaos of a team working too fast to communicate internally.

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Oh wow the 25% discount for a dollar has also been removed

Yes, the sense of “what, I wasn’t meant to?” a team not communicating.

I’d only conclude that marketing is intending a specific launch date and the rest of the organisation, getting the sales sites and the app ready, are not aligned. It means only an internal issue and don’t feel locally aggrieved.

Deletion of threads means they intend a launch date rather than quiet release. The L2P+ not deleted implies soft release non-marketing.

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I like the color! :heart_eyes:

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YAC (not YACC a compiler compiler :rofl:)
Yet Another Club.

No please.
Beer club, coffee club, cable club…

It will end with the Club of banned members
We will be all members at the end! :joy:

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Odd the L2P+ thread not closed, so they are stopping P3 but not L2P+ threads. So seems today’s version of rules is if in the app is not closed, but on their website is closed.


I am not in these earbuds and I don’t know what happens at soundcore’s forum.
But we all know here, there are always some unforeseeable big surprises. :laughing:

I am writing comments at some German “political” forums.
And I got often catched by “Löschbert” (nickname) -> (“Deleting Bert”) the censor.
How those are called in UK/USA?

They closed my thread so they could post their own :joy::joy::joy: now it’s officially launched and in a bunch of colors not just that bright red