Nebula’s Out of This World Giveaway | Enter Here

We’re throwing our largest ever giveaway exclusively for Nebula fans! There are :100: prizes up for grabs including the Nebula Astro portable projector and up to $500 of Nebula Store Credit!

:point_right: Click here to enter :point_left:

We only have one question for you … If you won an Astro, which of your favorite movies would you watch first? Let us know👇


I think something like Wall-E or UP would be great to watch.


@AnkerOfficial thanks again for yet another Giveaway,

Heads-up, the last question for Favorite movie takes user to 100 work from home fails… Please try to correct it. :pray:t2:

My favorite movie is Onward


I noticed that too @Shenoy

Another brilliant giveaway here @AnkerOfficial well done and thanks.

The movie I would watch first is the Christmas movie you can watch all year round - Die Hard.

And before anyone queries, it IS a Christmas movie!


nice catch… Matrix is one of my favorite but kid friendly it would be UP or Cars (chaching)

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Matrix or Underworld for me and Big Hero 6 for the kids!

Great giveaway! Thanks guys!
The first movie I’d watch is The Prestige, amazing movie, which is basically Batman vs Wolverine

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I think I’d go for a marvel movie most likely Dr. Strange or maybe Captain America. Thanks for another chance to win and as shenoy said I think you meant to link it to this thread instead of the work from home thread

I will say that I had this Loot Crate and one of the items that came in it was playing card from Nakatomi Plaza. I have them put up and gave a set to my buddy as they had sent me two of them.

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Gladiator. Need I say more.

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Easy! Endgame!

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It’s 14 years old…but have to go with 300 :shield::crossed_swords:


Thanks for another great contest. The first movie I would watch would be The Lost City of Atlantist

Cannot click on the link, the T&Cs I cannot accept.

But if I did enter and if did win then I’d watch


In this story, the main character unwittingly sells their soul to the Devil. They do eventually realise the price for this and “wakes up”.



“Das Boot”

Grear music by Klaus Doldinger

I have already an Astro so I will not take part. :smiley:

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I would pack my time for “Baby’s Day Out” … loved this movie. It is more fun to watch it for each time.
Thanks for the event.

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star wars a new hope

Thats a cool thing to have @Duane_Lester :+1:t2:

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