Nano II launch


I’m fairly confident it’s the 30W charger.


In a galaxy, far far away!
Great share @professor
Wonder if they will bother doing these in a much needed twin pack like they should have done with the previous two Nano’s?

This is the USA you’d have to wait for a UK version which would be probably chunky as just glued on UK pins over this.

The factories ship similar products so you can see others

Not that Anker ever asks me, but I’d say UK version should be one 30W IQ3 and a 12W IQ2 which if used makes IQ3 18W.

The Chinese brands above are doing 33W for headroom, so I’d expect this Anker 30W to be revised to 33W in next months.

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All my charging needs are taken care of but still excited to see what they release


Not sure I’ll jump on this maybe if they make a compact one with folding prongs that could be in my travel bag but besides that not much need here to update chargers as of yet

I’d just like it understandable.

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I also don’t need. It doesn’t merge or shrink anything for me. It replaces nothing for me.

They need to do something like make it a 2-port, say USB C and USB A and if I use the A port the Watts from C port drops. So intelligent power allocation, in a dense form factor. As it is, looks a clone of the other Schenzhen chargers. To be truly innovative it cannot be just a smaller 30W / 45 / 60 charger but merge power sockets.

They did it with their USB A products for years. Why not their USB C products. Powerport 2 USB-A where’s the Nano 2 port USB-C? Powerport 4 USB-A, where’s the 4 port USB-C?

I like the dense form factor of the little power cubes, but would also like to get more than one port per charger. They have two demographics to consider: the people buying their first charger from Anker ( compared to stock iPhone chargers these are nice), and then people who already have better than stock chargers, for which convincing them to upgrade might require a bit more work. When they can easily convince the latter, they should have a shoe-in product for any segment of the market.

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Right. Repeat a proven formula. Replace the supplied single port chargers with one multiport taking less space and less sockets.

Particularly for UK as the socket is huge and you can place 3 USB ports in the space.

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So I ordered the 45w only because the 65w was, and still is, sold out. But I didn’t really need an extra charger so it made it easier for me to return. I think I just ordered it because it seemed exciting to get a nice looking charger with good power, but there’s 1 or 2 things that made me return it, besides not really needing it. For one, I really really prefer to have the LED status light on my chargers, and this new model has no lights at all. Maybe just my ocd but I really just don’t like a charger without a blue LED, it’s nice to have for showing the status of it charging or if it’s come unplugged or something but also I feel they just look cheap without a light. Like the charger just sits there lifeless although it is actually working I know. Just my preference, and not sure why in 2021 they would not include a status light. Second, while I think it is awesome to have a 65w or even the 45w charger in such a compact size, I really wish they could do it with 2 ports. Actually while I’m being picky here and if I was actually able to order the 65w instead of having to settle for a 45w because the 65 was already sold out, and you can use the 65w for laptops and everything, I definitely would have kept the 65w for a one-for-all plug to put in my pocket all day. But still it would be awesome if they could still get us this smaller size of so much power but with 2 ports to give us more options, could charge a laptop or tablet and also a phone or earbuds at the same time on the go or in the office etc, then throw the block in your pocket. Maybe one day we’ll get there but just seems like it would already be a possibility. But as I said, if I could get the 65w itself then I’d be ok with having it as my new go to portable charger. In fact if they’re already sold out this fast and I ordered my 45w on the very first day of availability, why didn’t they stock more 65w knowing people would get more use out of the biggest one and would probably sell more of them? I know, there’s a category of all different types of people out here with different needs and purchasing power, but just seems like selling out the 1st day is crazy. Also wanted to mention that I don’t just have loyalty to one company, I buy what catches my eye and what I like, and while I love Anker products I love Ravpower products as well. Both are very nice quality. In fact I have several of the Ravpower chargers. And although they aren’t quite as small as this Nano II they are very close, and they have 65w with 2 ports AND a blue LED light to top it off. And in black or white. A slightly different shape but just a little bit bigger. And they are very nice quality. I also have their 90w 2 usb-c port charger in black and also family members have white, and also a 40w 2 port usb-c. All great chargers with excellent quality. Wow they charge so fast. I may be wrong but I believe these 2 companies are manufactured designed in the same town. So that’s why I’m wondering if Ravpower can include everything in one charger, why would Anker make this new product so simple? Why not include the 2 usb-c ports and put a light on it? I just don’t get it. While it is attractive with the black and silver metal front, it’s lacking. It’s just too simple and could be getting more use out of it even though it is impressive in its smaller size. Maybe this new line is directed towards a specific buyer, I just think you should want to get the most out of your product if possible. But they did sell out of the 65w on the 1st day so who am I. But I am returning my 45w, so…

Thanks for update. A charger without a light! Finally! We’ve been asking for no light for years, glad they finally did it. It’s an annoying light to have especially at night in bedrooms. You don’t need them as if the charger doesn’t work you’ll know.

Agree for these size they should be 2 ports with some kind of power sharing. Say 65W becomes 45W+20W. USB-C port is smaller than USB-A port so should be viable design requirement.

Good you returned it, if you don’t need it, just wait, as what you want will arrive from somebody at sometime, even faster if you stop looking for it and then it appears.


Couldn’t agree more, again, @professor

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Maybe the wireless chargers will be the next to lose the light.
My bedroom wont look like a disco at night then!


You don’t like the nightly disco :joy::joy:


I know @ktkundy, must be getting old!
I have the charging stand and have the phone display on to show the time - that generates minimal light.
The charge stand is a completely different story :sunglasses:


Use electrical tape to cover those annoying lights, that’s what I do :+1:


I’ve heard others for that as a solution.
Although to be fair I don’t really want to put tape or stickers over my stuff.
Plus it gives me something to moan about :rofl:


Now that’s a light show @professor

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I know there are workarounds but a light is an utterly silly idea. The rare chance that the charger is not on is obvious as soon as you use it. Lights = gimmick.

They made it worse in some products, when they upped from a small dot into a blue ring.

No light is much better and an obviously better future.


Yes @professor
As let’s face it, most devices have some form of charging indication so you known if you’ve docked your phone correctly or that the PowerCore is charging etc.