My Soundcore Sport Air Wireless Workout Earphones

This is my review of the newly released Soundcore Sport Air Wireless Workout Earphones, Anker was kind enough to send these to me to test out for my unbiased opinion and these are my thoughts.
These are also available at Walmart

I will spare everyone the unboxing photos, mostly because I didnt take any aside from the outside of the box and the headphones themselves…please Anker you have to do something about all the extra plastic that is included, that plastic sleeve can be exchanged for a cardboard insert.

These Headphones are priced at $35 dollars making them a true bargain and almost a no brainer for those looking for some workout headphones. They offer a 10 hour battery life, to which I can attest to that even at 70 percent volume they have lasted me just shy off 11 hours of use. If need be, in a bind you can top them up for 10 minutes and get over an hour of use…I have taken advantage of this feature more than once as I use them when working and then to the gym afterwards, sometimes they Die so a quick top up gets me through my workout. These are also fully waterproof with sweatguard technology, so you can use these in even the most sweatiest of workouts and these will still be fine.

They Are Magnetic
These headphones are magnetic, they can be clipped to itself around your neck or wrist. They do NOT however turn on or off, play or pause music when the magnetic connection is made or broken. Im perfectly happy that they do have the magnetic connection and can help prevent losing them when not in use

When I first got these I thought they would be like all the other headphones, have somewhat good bass and the vocals would be good enough to get by. But when I first put them in my ears and turned them on :astonished: I was blown away and that is no exaggeration. The bass line hit hard and was nice and punchy, the vocals where nice and clear and by golly were they loud, all of this is thanks to the 12mm drivers. From rock to rap, jazz to classical, these can play it all. There is no inline remote so when you run they do not favor or fall heavy on one side and allows for a more intense workouts and running sessions. They have controls built into the right earbud for volume up and down, play and pause is done by pressing the center button. You can also take phone calls with these by pressing the center button to answer it, Sound quality is superb when on the phone using these and often times the other party did not know I was using these.

Still uses Micro USB instead of USB-C
The main button can be a bit hard to press as it pushes into the ear
The cord comes out at an angle on the bottom of the earbuds, which can be an annoyance for some

Closing Statement
These headphones have become my new go to, sure they have a cord between them, but they charge fast and sound great playing anything you throw at it. With the IPx7 rating and sweatguard technology I have used these in the shower after my workout and they keep on ticking. With the large 12mm driver you will hear and feel more of the music than previous headphones from Anker and Soundcore, So get your wallets out and buy yourself a pair today. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can


Perfect! :wink:

Very good review @Tank, I can see why anker chose you!

How would I out say the sound quality is compared to the Spirit X? I am considering replacing them with something, but I want better sound quality.

When I got the Spirit x, they were my favorite to use when working out and swimming, but as I mentioned these have since replaced them. I even use these over the Liberty Neos when at work because there is more bass and the sound quality is that much better. The 12mm drivers really sealed the deal, and the fact when im on a phone call the other party doesnt know im on headphones is a big plus.

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Nice review and pics. Do you work at a Home Depot? Do you prefer using those types of earphones, as oppose to the True Wireless like the Liberty Air? I think the cable would annoy me too much.

The cable will avoid to lose one of those wireless earbuds too.

True. But I find that my hair gets caught in them or accidentally get caught on something.

haha, yes I do work at The Home Depot. I still like and use the liberty neo’s, I gave the liberty air to my son, but I now prefer these. Yes the cable I thought would be annoying but they are not. Because there is no inline remote and the controls are on the earbud it makes them super comfy to use and the cord doesnt get in the way

As always @Tank, great review and picks. You sporting your headset at the Depot?

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Yea i wear them when im working overnight

What the bass is OK, it’s far far faaarrrrr from body moving bass.

It’s not even close to headthumping bass.

The headphones n speakers don’t go low enough for that. You stop at 80, whereas for body moving/headthumping bass you need/MUST drop down to 20 or even 16/12 THEN you’ll get a head rattling bass.

Is it the graphne (spelling) that’s stopping this?

Come on @AnkerTechnical why don’t you go for the real lows?

You on the Garden Recover? I did that for 2 years. The asked me to do it a 3rd year but I turned it down because of health issues and they wouldn’t promote me to MOD.

I worked for HD before wireless portable speakers and good quality Wireless earbuds were a thing. These would make the job easier…

Awesome Review!

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great review! :ok_hand:

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@Element321 no sir, i wouldnt do garden recovery. I work overnight freight. But right now im trying to get the Service Desk supervisor or Front End supervisor position, im trying to move away from working overnights


Thanks for the review!

I dont blame you. Overnights is unhealthy.

No more earbuds if you go to days…

Well thats when i switch to the true wireless and keep 1 in my ear and hide it with my hair. Thats what most daytime people do anyway. And almost all of them do it, even the ASM’s

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Doing such a job for a longer time is not good at all.
Not only bad for health, for the family as well. :worried:

Added a Walmart link to the op, they are only 30 bucks Walmart. So its cheaper than Amazon right now

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