My Soundcore Sport Air Wireless Workout Earphones

Most people don’t like bass that heavy… most people prefer a light bass, but where it’s still super clear.

But they’re advertising heavy bass, but not supplying it

Yeah, you’re correct. This isn’t the thread I thought is was lol.

I’m really interested in these earbuds tbh

While these headphones may not be true body moving bass for some, it really is a step up and a decent amount of bass for what you get. I love bass hence why I have 3- 10 inch subwoofers in my car powered by a 2,000W amp, so let me say that the bass on these are adequate and you can feel it depending on the song. I mostly tend to listen to rap and hip hop and R&B while at work and these keep me going.


I say grab them from Walmart for the 5 dollar savings and you be the judge of how well they sound

I have some other stuff on my list first, but as I stated before I will probably try these out as a replacement for my spirit X

great review @tank :+1:

another nice contribution… :+1:

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You mentioned they were magnetic I have a pair of these and they are not magnetic. The photo that shows the buds together and the photo underneath are two different devices. The soundbuds lite were magnetic like the first photo. Could be I have a pair that is not magnetic after they went on the shelf. Mine look like the second photo.

Do you have an issue with your phone not able to Bluetooth after they’ve been paired at the next use? I have to forget the device and repair every time. I have an iPhone 8+.

Sorry but these, the Sport Air, are magnetic and the photos above are of the same earbuds not two separate ones like you claim. The opposite side of the controls on the right earbud and similarly on the left is where the magnet is that allows them to clip to itself.

As far as bluetooth goes, i do not have any issues with it. It pairs to my phone each and everytime

Great review and photos, @Tank!

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First of all, excellent review dear sir.

I have one question for you, I don’t care about price, I want a set of headphones that have all the attributes of this headphone and add to it, when the magnetic attachment is attached/detached it turns them on and off.

So that way i don’t have to do it manually.

Can you recommend one?

Please do let me know, thank you.

As long as the case is charges the earbuds will turn off when placed back inside the case. But mind you, a few if us have found that if the case doesnt have a sufficient charge to charge the earbuds they can turn back on once the charging stops.

I have a question, you can use this headphones underwater?

Hi @FALKON the Soundcore Sport Air have an IPX7 rating so they can be submerged in water up to 1 metre deep for 30 minutes without failure occurring.

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Can be used for snorkelling, diving I would not try
(How to check 1 meter?)

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Hi Tank, do you have experience jogging with these? Is the wind noise less with the Spirit X? I’ve been using the Sport Air and the wind when jogging can pretty much over power any music, maybe it’s the design?

If your getting a lot of wind noise, then you do not have a proper secure fit in your ear. Try using different ear tips as it can help not only seal them to your ear, but also enhance the bass and sound.

I personally use hybrid ear tips with all my headphones and earbuds, but they are not for everyone and some prefer foam ear tips. Both of which you can find on Amazon

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. So do you think a flatter design like the Spirt X would help? or just down to eartips? cheers

I have them both and I prefer the sport air because its louder and sounds better. Don’t get me wrong the spirit X is great for running because of the earhooks, but the sport air has never fallen out of my ear either so you really can’t go wrong with either one.

I think you should first change the eartips and see how the sports work for you before deciding if you would prefer the spirit x