My SoundCore Pro isnt working

Hi, for the future, how can I avoid burning out the board if I charge it with a weak current? Will it help?
How do you think because of what is it?

On the SC Pro specs it says that it can do 5V 2A on both in/out. Now you could try with an 5V 1A adapter or even smaller ones like 5V 700mA (I have one from an old Motorola smartphone), with more added time needed for a complete full charge. What I can’t say is that even you don’t stress that much the charging circuit this way, the problem may still be in the powered audio circuit board.
On the other hand, I would like to thank Anker’s great responsibility on the resolution of warranty.


the voltage converter breaks down and the PCB burns out, and there are a lot of such comments and photos

try a different cable

Exactly same thing happened to my just now. Also I buyed from aliexpress.

I have had the same issue as GerekMDRus above on TWO Soundcore Pro units. When left on a charger for an extended amount of time such as two or three days it seems the power supply on the main board begins to burn out on the bottom side. The charging indicators are on the topside of the board and get burned out as well when the circuit board burns you will get a hint of burning carbon smell. The typical tell tale sign of burning electronics. When this happens the unit no longer turns on. I am an electronic engineering tech with years of experience and I also took the unit apart and noted the same burned out components on the main board. This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. IF YOU NOTE THE HINT OF BURNING ELECTRONICS REMOVE THIS UNIT FROM YOUR HOME TO A SAFE PLACE. It contains a 3.7V, 14.8WH, 4000mAh battery with enough power to start a fire.Take a whiff of the unit through the black speaker grill and if it smells like something is burning it wont be long before it doesn’t turn on anymore. Date code on my board is Jan 16, 2017


Hi @lowbux

We truly apologize for your unpleasant experience about the speaker. Please be assured that we will take our full responsibility and work with you until get your satisfaction.

We always insist on providing safety products through the strict quality processes as possible as we can. Our engineer and tech team is working on solving this issue currently.

Apologize again for this issue, your kind understanding will encourage us to continue to improve our product and excellent service in future.

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We had the same problem.

We were playing with this circuit a few minutes ago and i think we have found the problametic IC. It caught fire when we connected batteries (after disconnecting everything else)

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Tive o mesmo problema

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Hi @ech2wo,

Please contact us via We will help you solve the issue as soon as possible.

Got the same problem here - burnt tps61088, same board, same manufacturing date.
Bought on Amazon, explained the issue and I was offered a refund by Anker.

I see that Anker is now selling Soundcore PRO+ models, which look exactly the same.
Now my question is, did Anker address this issue in the PRO+ model and what are the actual differences between the PRO and the PRO+? I don’t seem to find any specs.

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The pro+ model is the upgraded generation of pro. It fixed some problems you mentioned in the post.:grin:


So Can we do anything with this problem? I have a normal soundcore pro (not +) and the battery is still good. What should I do when the battery is 0%? Charging? Not charging? Should I use a light charger with 5v 500mA?

Charge it as you normally would, try not to let the battery drain to 0% as that causes more damage to the battery than say letting it drain to 10 percent and then fully charging it

Thanks for your answer. OK, I’ll try it. But I’m not sure because I have fear to burn it. All units of soundcore pro have the same problem, or only a portion of these?

If it was all of them having this issue they would have recalled them and stopped selling them. As per Anker they did revise them, so your unit very well may be one of the newer revised models

There is no problem with fully discharging it.
Important is not to leave the speaker on charge for a long time, disconnect it as soon as it is fully charged.
Mine was burnt after I left it on charge overnight.

i have purchase soundcore pro+ about 1 month a go from aliExpress.
recently im try to hear music from youtube 1060p Quality.
d treble sound crackling before that hv some problem to .
when i connect bluetooth to hear music online suddenly disconnect or no sound have to push all the time though.

You could contact to make a troubleshooting.