My SoundCore Pro isnt working

I bought this product after reading so many reviews and fell in love. So i bought it last month(25th). Finally i got my hands on it. I really enjoy the product. Once its factory charge is over i plugged it to my charger. It output is 2A. Plugged it around 1am and disconnected it around 5am. No its not even switching on. I really have faith on the brand. Please help me on this matter! Thank you


You should be cover by warranty. They are pretty good on the warranty. Just email them and they will get at you.

I would try using a different cable to charge it as the cable itself could be faulty, also try a different plug unit as well to rule those out.
Also, try not depleting the battery fully as that is never good for any battery. It also may need to be charged longer

What status were your LED on the SoundCore given when connected to a charger, lit, not lit, number lit etc?

As @elmo41683 has suggested, the first point of call would be to try a different cable and wall charger as the majority of charge issues come down to this. Try charging for around 10hrs (so double it’s normal recommendation) in a powered off state with a different set and if you still have no power on response from the SoundCore, chances are the unit has failed. As you have an included 18 month warranty, just drop a email with your serial, purchase date and troubleshooting steps taken for assistance and/or replacement.

It lits 3 leds and drop to one! No charge is store in the battery. And near power button it heats alot! Alot like to explode.

read few thread about SoundCore Pro isn’t working make me worries, i just ordered SoundCore Pro last November from aliexpress. hope mine fine without any issues. :worried:

I think your product would be find, cos we sell thousands of speakers a day, only a few numbers has quality problems.:innocent: Also, our professional support team can help you solve your tech problems, please don’t worry about this.:grin:

I just got my SoundCore Pro from AliExpress last night after waiting for 1 month. It worked perfectly until I realized the charging is not working. Now, it is completely off.

Already reported to Anker Support.


Absolutely i have the same problem(First 3 leds. One of them is blinking then 5-6 secs later online one led is blinking and heat problem in the beginning.). I guess Anker has a major problem on this
product. It really made me sad cause i bought it on cyber monday discount and waited for a month almost then used only once then i put it charge all night. In the morning i realized it was so hot and never turn on again… Only one led is blinking when i put it on charge…

I bought it on AliExpress and Anker refund me %100 (as they said %100 but they didnt give me shipping anyway)… Do you have any idea how to open it? Maybe i can fix it?

If you want to buy this speaker it is better to choose local sellers… Dont Buy it worldwide cause as i understand they dont have worldwide replacement guaranty. In my country they have a supplier but they didnt accept my replacement offer…

Anyway i understand Anker is producing lots of speakers and some of them can have problems. But this is a major problem cause i googled it for a day and find similar issues like mine…

Hi @tlgsrtky,

I just contacted our colleagues in AliExpress, it seems like the policy for refund has changed, so they will contact you tomorrow to help you solve it! Please remember to check your email box tomorrow.

If you have any other problems, please let me know.:grin:


I had the same issue, it was working perfectly and after charging it does not work any more. I wrote to anker support waiting for the feedback.

Hi everyone,

I’ve bought too the Anker’s SoundCore Pro speakers and some of their great cables trough AliExpress (order no: 88282799611432), which arrived in perfect condition here in Romania (~6 weeks).
After I got home from Postal Office where I had to pay for customs clearance (VAT: $ 15), I’ve put them to work: a brilliant and rich sound, incredible for its size. I was really stunned, an unforgettable 2 hours experience (I have to admit that I’m not an audiophile though and never had such small speakers – my intention was to use them mainly at night in a quiet environment i.e.: audio-books).
I’ve put the speakers to charge as I had to leave home after those 2 hours for a meeting.
The joy ended when I’ve got home after 4 hours: the speakers would not turn on anymore, there was a smell of burned plastic in the whole room (which still persists in a smaller amount even today!) and a trace of smoke was behind the speakers. I felt sorry for them… they were just gorgeous moments ago and then…

Since then I had opened a dispute on AliExpress and I hope for refund.
Such a pity, I own some Anker products (PowerPort+, PowerCore+, cables), but newer had have any problem. I even gave gifts to friends consisting in Anker products – non speakers!

Here in Romania, we have some retailers which sell most of Anker products – but not their speakers – strange! (i.e.: ; ;
And again, a shame as what seems to have burned after opening gently the unit with some phone opening tools (I’m an IT engineer and did not resist to find out what seems to start a FIRE on our house) was some power circuit, and not the DSP/audio one (see the melted rubber in the video, near the power button! Underneath it, all the PCB with some circuits were really FRIED).

And here are more evidences, including a video:!AuVSiLdo71R6gR-xOLBDl7JwC3WV

I did not lost trust in Anker products and their quality & good products, but such exceptions should be avoidable in the future. There IS A MAJOR DESIGN FLAW in SC Pro though, as I’ve seen that I’m not the only one complaining.
Now, there are two proposals made by Anker on AliExpress:

  1. Refund for a returned product – I can assemble it again and send it, but given the shipment and customs costs I rather not accept this option.
  2. "Hi friend, can you try to charge with another cable or wall charger to test?
    Also please provide a video, we will check for it, thanks!" – well, QED; what’s to test now?

A good day and hope Anker’s warranty is on par with my expectations!

Sorry to hear of your experience trust in Anker and they will make it right. It’s never good when something you own goes bad.

Hi, for the future, how can I avoid burning out the board if I charge it with a weak current? Will it help?
How do you think because of what is it?

On the SC Pro specs it says that it can do 5V 2A on both in/out. Now you could try with an 5V 1A adapter or even smaller ones like 5V 700mA (I have one from an old Motorola smartphone), with more added time needed for a complete full charge. What I can’t say is that even you don’t stress that much the charging circuit this way, the problem may still be in the powered audio circuit board.
On the other hand, I would like to thank Anker’s great responsibility on the resolution of warranty.


the voltage converter breaks down and the PCB burns out, and there are a lot of such comments and photos

try a different cable

Exactly same thing happened to my just now. Also I buyed from aliexpress.

I have had the same issue as GerekMDRus above on TWO Soundcore Pro units. When left on a charger for an extended amount of time such as two or three days it seems the power supply on the main board begins to burn out on the bottom side. The charging indicators are on the topside of the board and get burned out as well when the circuit board burns you will get a hint of burning carbon smell. The typical tell tale sign of burning electronics. When this happens the unit no longer turns on. I am an electronic engineering tech with years of experience and I also took the unit apart and noted the same burned out components on the main board. This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. IF YOU NOTE THE HINT OF BURNING ELECTRONICS REMOVE THIS UNIT FROM YOUR HOME TO A SAFE PLACE. It contains a 3.7V, 14.8WH, 4000mAh battery with enough power to start a fire.Take a whiff of the unit through the black speaker grill and if it smells like something is burning it wont be long before it doesn’t turn on anymore. Date code on my board is Jan 16, 2017


Hi @lowbux

We truly apologize for your unpleasant experience about the speaker. Please be assured that we will take our full responsibility and work with you until get your satisfaction.

We always insist on providing safety products through the strict quality processes as possible as we can. Our engineer and tech team is working on solving this issue currently.

Apologize again for this issue, your kind understanding will encourage us to continue to improve our product and excellent service in future.

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