My Soundcore Model Zero Review

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Upon first getting this speaker I was amazed at the size of it, I didn’t realize just how big it was nor did I realize how much it would weigh. Neither of these are a problem as by design it has a handle naturally built into it. Its shape, while some may consider it a purse, it reminds me of a Kettle ball weight…rightfully so if you choose you can use it to work out with all the while playing some tunes. I actually did this one day while at work on my break, I played Eye of the Tiger and was swinging it from arm to arm overhead. This speaker weighs roughly 4 pounds or so and it can get tiring if you do that enough.
When I brought this speaker to work I did try to get some peoples reaction recorded but no one wanted to do it, so All I can say is that a lot of people were shocked at how well this speaker sounded and how it casted the sound around them. Some liked the design because of the handle, one coworker even grabbed it and started dancing with it like it was a purse she said it was perfect for her. Most of them agreed that its a good speaker and design because it can be taken anywhere.
There is a lot to like about this speaker, such as its portability, Battery life, IPX rating, Sound quality, bass up…but there is also a few gripes I have with this speaker and I have confirmed it with another member here that its not just the speaker but function of its design. When listening to certain music at full volume there is an inherent screechiness or sharpness to the treble that is apparent over the 6k range. As noted in another you tubers video he also noted this and that there is excess treble at higher volumes and frequencies. But this can be corrected with the use of a proper equalizer, not the built in one from the app. Or you can just not listen to it at full volume like I did and you will not experience this harshness.
Feel free to ask any question you may have and ill be more than happy to answer.

I will note that I did not post my water test in my review, I did do it but I got kinda water happy and its currently drying out right now as I really soaked it…hopefully I didn’t damage it, it still plays but sounds funny right now. Will report back in a few days after it had time to dry out

Here is my Unboxing Video, my genuine reaction when I opened it too

And here is my Review video


I have never tested the speaker under full volume.
Should be really loud! :grin:

Great review, @elmo41683! I’ve noticed the screechy treble on a lot of speakers I’ve tested over the years when I crank them up to 100%… it’s almost like they’re not meant to go full volume! Maybe it’s meant to be a “be courteous to your neighbors” reminder. :joy:


The same distortions could show up if SOMEONE is increasing the preamp of an eq.

Of course You did not. :slight_smile:

So I reduce always the preamp a lot.

This really bothered me though, I was listening summertime by Billie Holiday and I had to imediatly turn it down because if the screechiness or whatever you want to call it. What sucks is even listening to certain old swing songs I got the same issue across the board even with higher quality recordings. But, once I adjusted the EQ it was plenty bearable

That’s just cheating and defating the purpose of using a speaker as it’s meant to be used out if the box… But I get where your coming from

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Of course not you was using the wrong settings of the preamp.
May be this could be misunderstood.
I will correct my text!

But if someone likes to increase the volume, he might do this.

Great review and photos! good job!

Excellent review and testing @elmo41683 , glad you mentioned the USB-C too :ok_hand:

As for the treble stuff can’t say I noticed much myself on the music and genres I tested (couldn’t show due to YT copyright) but then again I did max out at around 70-80% due to room size and neighbours who would have been none too pleased at me blasting this thing at 100% :worried: :grin:

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Hey I blasted mine at 11:30 at night when everyone was asleep… But thankfully our great room which is 40 x 30 is huge and conceals the volume well

Lol, what can I say…I’m just poorer, smaller house and neighbours attached :grin: :laughing:

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Lol, not my house it’s the inlaws. We just luckily get to stay here while we save money to get our own place. And I’m so glad the neighbors are like a block away on either side and across the street about a football feild distance from the road

Great review and pics - I like the group shot of Soundcore devices together.

Are you able to stereo pair it with the flare?

Not watched vids yet so not sure if you mention it there or not

There goes the informercial for it :stuck_out_tongue: Great job with the review. :slight_smile:

Oh no, only like devices can be paired together. I should have gone over that in my video but didn’t.

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Great review hope you aren’t deaf from the full volume

I’m deaf in my right ear according to the military, and some doctors but I have never been given the permanent deaf marking on any records. So for that I listen to music at full volume always, my wife hates it but I love it. One day when I’m deaf in both ears Ill crank it up just to feel the music. It’s a whole different world when you can feel sound

Nice review.

What I would prefer: put a little structure in your text. When I see such big amount of text without any headlines in between, my first impression is: too much to read.

Anyway: the content is very useful and the pictures are great.

Great review! It’s hilarious to imagine everyone at work dancing around with the Model Zero. I might have to bring my Soundcore Boost to work and try something like that :laughing:

It’s great that I work overnights, we can have our music as loud as we want and we can play anything we want