My Roav 800A Jump Starter Pro Review

I recently purchased the Roav Jump starter Pro due to the colder weather coming, and recently had a need to jump start a car only to find I didn’t have my jumper cables as they were in my wife car. I could have got another set of jumper cables, but I feel this is much more convenient.

For starters this is the jumpstarter pro, it has a 800A peak output which according to Anker is good for up to 6.0L Gas engine or 3.0L Diesel engine. I can attest from testing this that it can indeed start a car that has a 6l motor as I was able to start a coworkers pickup truck just this past Friday. But, for actual use this will be mostly to start mine or my wife car as needed… I have a AGM battery with a 600A reserve, but lately my car has been having some weird electrical quirks so occasionally I end up with a dead battery and this bad boy has saved me.

This jump starter comes in a lovely orange and black semi hard case. Inside on one side behind a mesh net is the cable used to plug into the battery pack and hooks to your cars battery, on the other side is the battery pack that is held in place by a nice foam cutout. There is also a flat USB-A to USB-C cable, unfortunately its unbranded and in testing does not allow fast charging…I switched it for Ankers triple braided USB-C cable.

The usb-c charging input surprised me, I didn’t realize this charged via usb-c until I got it which actually made me happy. One less cable I have to worry about as I just use my USB-C cables I use for my phone and can now be used for this too. Charging of this 8k MaH battery took just 2 hours using my 5port PD charger, not bad for its size. The cables that are used to connect to your car battery is roughly 8.5 inches for the black cable and 11.5 inches for the red cable. There is also a lcd screen that shows the voltage and whether or not if your battery is good or bad. This can be handy as it can tell you without wasting your time if you need a new battery or just a quick top up and jump.

The first time I used this I hooked everything up and plugged it into my car and got nothing. I then pressed the power button and still nothing…oh yea, theres a slide switch on the side to turn power on or off. Make sure thats turned on and then you can press the little power button switch and wait, once you hear a click and can see your cars registered voltage go ahead and try to start your car. Some cars may take longer before you hear the click and can start it, but thats the nature of a dead battery and getting a nominal starting voltage for the pack to do its job.

Now I recommend recharging this after every use, but I did manage to get 2 jump starts out of it before it was too weak to start a 3rd time. Also, because this uses a lithium polymer battery I would not recommend you to leave this in cars that see negative temperatures as it not only hurts the battery but also degrades its performance. Keep it clean and in its case at all times and that should help keep it from extreme cold.

Now, there are 2 usb charging ports on this battery pack to charge your phone or tablet. These ports can output 5v 2.4a, while the USB-C port can output 5v 3A/ 9V 2A/ 12V 1.5A. The usb ports are backed by Ankers PowerIQ and all the safety features as well. There is also a L.E.D. light that can light the way and help you see what you are doing in the dark. There is also 4 little lights that let you know the state of charge, press the power button and it will light up the lights…oddly enough you also have to press the power button if you are using this to charge any of your devices

One discernible difference from the listing and Roav is that the listing claims this has a 12 month warranty while Customer Service says its backed by a 18 month warranty. So they need to address this in its listing and on the packaging.

All in all this is a great portable charger, if your in the market I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one or more.


Very nice, They nailed it with this one. Thanks for the thorough review :+1::slight_smile::+1:


Thanks, it really is a great product. I did forget to mention it is rugged and water resistant to an extent, this helps aide in having to jumpstart your car in the rain.


I have said it before but I really like that it’s rechargeable via USB C meaning you can recharge it at home in the car with a solar usb charger whatever. This feature makes it a lot more versatile especially in emergency situation.


Excellent thorough review and detailed pics @elmo41683 :ok_hand:


Great review, @elmo41683!


Great review and photos!


Excellent review @elmo41683… very detailed… nice pictures btw.


very nice review…think it might be time to upgrade instead of carry the old jumper cables heh


Wish they made a smaller compact version for a motorcycle (also ATVs, etc).
Would be a huge life saver. Market might be too niche though but I could see it taking off.


They do sell a 400a one, but size wise it’s not much smaller than this one. In fact the 400a one has a slightly bigger battery than this one


Great job with the review and pics. I agree, having a jump started unit like this is more beneficial then a jumper cable. I have another brand of Jump Starter and it has saved my butt twice so far. Best investment ever.


Compass probably useless. A row of COB LEDs in Neutral White would have been so much better. That way, you could use it as an emergency light for changing the tires or something.

I don’t think the compass is useless, it won’t be used much but definitely handy in an emergency situation. As for the LED I think it would be more than sufficient to change a tire. But hey what do I know :slight_smile:

The led light that’s on it is sufficient imo to be used to change a tire, but I agree the compass is useless to me

Its great if the LED is bright enough to change a tire. Compass is something I doubt I will ever use.

@elmo41683 with another great review! Thanks bud!


Another awesome review @elmo41683 excellent pictures too :smiley:


Nice review, want to buy one of these soon. Great photos by the way :slight_smile: