My New Travel Speaker ! SoundCore Icon Mini Review

Hi fellow forum Members !
I’d like to start that review by thanking @AnkerTechnical for the opportunity to review that little but amazing speaker through the We Love Review Program. I was thrilled when I saw that I was selected, so I hope you’ll my review of that tiny yet powerful speaker :slight_smile:

My New Travel Speaker !

Let’s get to what brings you all here, the SoundCore Icon Mini review!

“WOW :hushed:” : yep, that was my first reaction when I played the music for the first time on this little monster !
Despite its size, the sound is impressive. Powerful yet precise, even at full volume the bass doesn’t fail. The passive radiator (see the speakers in the photo below) does an excellent job at providing a bass full of impact !

It can get really loud, so I mostly used around 40 to 60% of its volume to avoid annoying people around me, but even at 50% it’s more than enough !

That’s for the sound. Now, for the speaker itself.

  • A nice touch is that instead of the usual BEEEEP sounds you can hear when you reach the MAX or MIN volume, (quite annoying isn’t it ?), here you’ll see the indicator LED blinking to let you know that you can’t go higher or lower.
  • In the same way, they used nice and refined sounds when you turn the speaker ON, OFF, or when it’s PAIRED, compared to other cheap. speakers that’ll use standard sounds.
  • The battery lasted a day as I was working from home at 60-70% of the volume, which was perfect. Nothing to complain about here ! Autonomy will vary depending on the volume you’re using it at, so consider that the 8 hours announced might be at 50% volume or so. It charges with a Micro USB cable, and it take about 3 hours to completely recharge with a classic phone charger (a Micro USB cable is included but not the charger)
  • The easy pairing process, and then it connects immediately to the last paired device
  • Nice built quality, by the way it feels when you hold you can tell it can go through tough some s**t without problem!
  • Underneath, the materials used are anti-slippery and they added 4 little feet that will prevent the speakers from being scratched on the first occasion, and also add to the anti-slippery design.
  • You can use Siri by holding the middle button. “Hey Siri” even worked on my Macbook Pro ! It sounds a bit different but it understood all my questions without trouble so, some might say the mic isn’t great, to me it worked perfectly.
  • It is certified IP67, meaning you can take it submerge it without risks. I only used it under the shower and it worked perfectly even after. The part that protects the ports is really well sealed so no need to worry on this side.

You should note that it is made to lay flat on a table or any surface. As you can see on the photo below you have 4 little feet that prevent the speaker from sliding away. So don’t expect it to hold vertically on one of his sides, it just won’t (rest assured, it will always fall back on its feet ! :smile_cat:

Despite it’s great construction quality I still noted few downside to the experience.
The buttons on top are slightly too small, you have to press right on it and I missed quite often. Making them a bit bigger would make it easier and faster to use.
The status indicator LED is really bright, and it is placed on top of it. Maybe putting it next to the buttons would have been more efficient, especially in the pairing phase.

As we are onto the downsides, Anker, what went on your mind with the packaging ???
I always loved the cardboard packaging of your products, but now this …?
Even though it’s well designed and easy to open, I was disappointed when I saw it. It doesn’t seem really eco-friendly to me and definitely not what we’re used to coming with Anker products…

Not my photo, I took it from google, as I wasn’t pleased with the plastic box I threw it away immediately to realized afterwards that I didn’t even take a photo of it… Next time I’ll think before acting…

In the box you’ll find the speaker, a usb charging cable, a quick start guide, a warranty card, and a ja… Nope, no jack cable in there even though there is a port…

A great feature is that you can apparently pair two Soundcore Icon Mini for a stereo experience. At $30 each, you’d get a $60 stereo system that be much better than most more expensive standalone speakers, so it’s probably worth considering it !
@AnkerTechnical What about adding even more of them to bring your friends along and make it a party ? :tada:

Pros :

  • An impressive Sound quality and powerful bass
  • Great built quality and anti slippery surface
  • Water resistant IP67
  • Great autonomy
  • Small and convenient to carry around with the lanyard

Cons :

  • The plastic box is a definitive NO!
  • Slightly small buttons on top
  • No jack cable included in the box
  • The indicator LED is quite bright and might be better on top

This is definitely my new travel speaker. It fits in my pocket, takes no room in a bag but is sturdy enough to be carried around without worrying about damaging it (the lanyard is really convenient to hook it anywhere), the autonomy is good enough for a weekend trip, and the sound quality is just impressive. Definitely a great value for money that I easily recommend !


Great review, love the pics. :thumbsup:

Soundcore Icon Mini is IP67 rated…would have preferred some water immersion tests / photos

Nice review and amazing pictures.

I feel like all the reviews for this products have had amazing reviews!

Great detailed review! And I agree with the plastic box being a downside. From the looks of the port, it looks like it charges with Micro USB cable. If it does indeed charge with Micro USB, it really sucks! Would’ve loved to see USB-C

Yep, it is a micro USB port…
And you’re right, USB C is becoming a standard, it would have been great to have that on this little guy…

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Thanks @Anjou1888, I appreciate it !
Some people were doubting the quality, saying it wouldn’t be great as most of the winners of the “We Love Review” were not that active on the forum… Well, I’m glad that we proved them wrong ! :grin:


I decided not to risk it as other members already reviewed that part. You can find their great reviews
here : Soundcore Icon Mini, a Review
and here : (Review) SoundCore Icon Mini...with video to follow

Glad that you enjoyed the review :slight_smile:

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USB-C port is a good to have, but doesn’t really serve the purpose here , at least for the icon mini. The charging power needed is provided sufficiently using Micro-USB…

Thanks for sending these links, had missed both of these review :thumbsup:

Great review! I loved the falling on it’s feet line :smile_cat:

Have you compared this to other Anker/Soundcore Speakers or other BT speakers?

Just wanted to gauge the quality.

At first when this was announced, I didn’t like the looks. But after seeing reviews on them, I wouldn’t mind having one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the look of the mini, but the regular icon looks a little strange. I guess we’ll have to wait for some reviews :grin:

Great review and nice photos!!!

Nice review.

Oh yes the packaging.
What a mess, that plastic! :angry:

Great review and pictures!