(Review) SoundCore Icon Mini...with video to follow

Recently plumped for this with a Power User discount code and despite preferring to do video reviews to demo the audio…unfortunately been too pushed on time this week so a video version will be added later…

If you’ve been searching for the SoundCore Nano recently but have failed to find the tough, sleek little aluminium cube it might just be due to the Icon Mini…no doubt the Nano’s intended successor (@ankerofficial if the Nano is still staying around for a while, please feel to say so I can correct this :grin:)

In the box
SoundCore Icon Mini with attached rope loop
Micro USB Charging Cable (remain calm everyone :wink: )
Quick start guide & warranty card

Unlike the Nano which was primarily made from aluminium-alloy, the Icon Mini in its rather pebble like shape, sports similar materials & construction to other more recent speakers in the revamped SoundCore lineup. Consisting of a soft rubberised feel main body and mesh metal front (not certain how long the branding will last though), the Icon Mini come in measuring at 95 x 76 x 32 mm with a weight of 208g, making the Icon Mini just over 50% larger but over double the weight of the Nano (54mm x 54mm x 28mm / 80g).

Along with the fresh design comes a fresh power on/off sound, which kinda reminds me of a water droplet motif, fitting as the speaker is now packing an IP67 rating (something which was always missing but wanted on the Nano), so your good against dust, dirt and full submersion in water (up to 1 meter). With more real estate on the body, the standard array of button controls from speakers in the SoundCore (or most BT speakers) lineup are present, making for easy definition and control away from your phone.

Advertised at Anker’s Power Conference in Japan as containing a 3w speaker (like the Nano), the Icon Mini sounds much louder & fuller with noticeably improved bass (likely due to either a passive radiator, restructured internals or improved driver)….in the hand you can feel quite a bit of pulse when bass driven tracks are in play. The improved bass though I found to be a bit of a negative as well, with some genres sounding a bit muddy especially at high to full volume. Those who like their podcasts though will find it a nice boost.

Arriving part charged at 70%, the claims of 8hrs use from a single 3hr charge seem accurate (depending on volume) with 1-2 hours usage out of the box only slicing off 15%.

The Good
Improved audio and fuller bass
Robust construction
IP67 rating (water & dust)
Wireless stereo capabilities like several in the SoundCore lineup
Microphone for calls or AI assistant use

Not So Good
Still rocking micro-USB charging

Score 4.5 out of 5
Now let’s face it, if your after a speaker this size and with an IP67 rating, it’s for fun…on the go…use. You’re not going to be expecting audiophile level stuff, just good tones, battery life and reasonable ruggedness…all of which the Icon Mini delivers on, often in spades. Inclusion of the auxiliary port is still a nice touch for those with non-BT devices, though the flap for this and the micro-USB charge port (yep) might involuntary cause a few choice words for those without fingernails…


nice read, great in depth review… love the pics especially the water test :slight_smile: … Cw For the video

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Great review, even without the video. As you said that this speaker is basically for on-the-go, for fun, etc… Definitely would be great on a toolbag using it at work.

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Great review. I have the Nano and love it. I use it while soaking in the bathtub while watching a movie on my tablet. I’m always afraid it would get wet though. Sure, I can get a water-resistant/proof speaker but I really love the size of the SoundCore Nano. It would be so cool if it was water resistant though. The Icon Mini doesn’t appeal to me… just not into the look.

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Why though???:triumph: It’s 2019!

Sweet review. Nice pics and well written. Can’t wait for the video :relieved:

Great review as always, @ndalby!

Great as always. Love the pictures.

Wish Anker would do away micro-usb

Nice review there @ndalby. Way more in depth than mine, although my water pics were better!! :joy:

Can’t believe it’s rated at only 3W. Sounds way louder than that. Physics come into play here and it’s never going to give the biggest sound, but definitely punches above its weight.

Great review, love how it looks and may eventually replace my nano with it. But for now my nano is still kicking so I can’t justify it yet

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You mentioned how much louder than Nano, so pics side by side would be good.

Currently my water exposed speaker is the Mini 2.

Thanks @MSTR @dicejedi @Nhi @Anjou1888 @TechnicallyWell @Element321 @Tank

@Noel_Taylor Don’t worry it will get a thorough drowning on the video :grin: The 3w also had me at first when I first turned it on…the loudness is leaps and bounds beyond the Nano (which I think is very good for it’s size)


Seems to be really for take away.

Needless to say your review is excellent! :wink:

Great review and nice photos

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Great review as always Neil!

Personally myself I see the Icon as an updated version of the SoundCore Sport as they have very similar features and specs and are both suited to the fun and go aspects of music. :smiley:

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